24 September 2015


Another random day with high school friends and we decided to head to Senopati, knowing there'll always be a new spot! This time we got to visit The Cubbyhole! (I really thought that it was chubby hole..is it just me? :p)

A little bit about The Cubbyhole; It's a home styled restaurant in Senopati and it's not actually new, they've been here since June, if I'm not mistaken. They tried to blend the place with their existing interior design shop, Temple Trees, which has been at that same location since 2002, hence why we put the name on the title as well!

Came here to relax and have some afternoon coffee! Which is why we only had some snacks. The time and place was just perfect for this cup of coffee! They used a fine coffee from Ippolito coffee, never heard of it? Then try it! 

It really tasted like one of those donuts you'll find in the traditional market, so it's not like the fancy ones. The texture is unlike the ones you find at J.co, it's more chewy and thick but it's surprisingly good! Was totally amazed that they offer this kind of donuts in this kind of restaurant!

Such difference..from the donat kampoeng to this fancy piece..lol! Well, this was super good, I really loved it! The texture's perfect and it's very milky, add in the mango sauce and BOOM, it's amazing!

The taste was definitely unique! With those orange peel on top and cake filled with poppy seed, it's totally a fancy cake with a really affordable price! If you like adventurous foods, then try this, it's really good!

Like a small version of apple pie with raisins inside, so the taste is more sweet and sour. I guess the taste was okay, though it's kind of a let down from the donut and pannacotta!

Although you can find this kind of thing everywhere, this one is still good! I really don't have anything to complain about. It's amazing how any kind of restaurant might just have this and usually they're all good! Same rules applied to Choco Lava. Now this is a good kind of mainstream!

Okay, time for the interior! Though the place isn't that spacey but it's definitely homey!

Located in line with Collete & Lola and in the same building as a souvenir shop, where The Cubbyhole is below it!

You can clearly see that the place is not fancy at all, it's not a fine dining type of place, like the usual Senopati restaurants. Instead, it's a more comfy and laid back type of place, which I think is a really nice change. I also dig the fun paintings on the wall here and there!

They also provide an outdoor as a smoking room (of course)!

See how they used somewhat traditional furniture? It's like going back through time and I love it, gave you a reminiscing feeling!

Fyi, the menu here includes simple Indonesian and western comfort food while boasting a range of bakso in collaboration with Bakso Cak Man, though there are some Indian and Sri Lankan inspired dish! The paintings are also an example of it!

My favorite part is how the shadows and lights are reflected, which you can clearly see from the photos! Don't you just think that it made the place lovely?

The Cubbyhole @Temple Trees
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 66
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12110

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 09:00 am - 10:00 pm


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