15 October 2015


Say hi to Kemang!! Been so long since the last time we came to this area, I think our last visit was to Queenshead. Blame it on the distance, since Kemang is not the closest place to our home. This time, we're heading south on Kemang to enjoy breakfast!

This place is called Breakfast at Cayenne, so it's only logical that they open early in the morning! You can check out their opening hours at the bottom of this post!

I'll admit that their indoor's not that spacious hence why I prefer eating outside. Not only is it because the place itself is rather small, there's also a souvenir shop, adding a few sofa and it's full!

Fyi, this place is also famous for their coffee, it's just what I heard though. I'm no coffee expert, so if you're curious, better try it yourself..lol!

Here's the indoors!

I guess it's kind of mandatory that you try the coffee here. The place is totally perfect for coffee time!

Okay, guilty as charged, came here at 3 pm..for their breakfast menu..lol! Fortunately, they serve an all day breakfast menu! Though I admit, I was a bit disappointed with their menu..read on and you'll understand why!

With beef bacon served with sunny side up egg.

First of all, I don't think this is worth it's price! Just some half-cooked potatoes with bacon and 2 fried eggs. At first I was also reluctant to pick this but the waiter kind of wanted us to get this, so we decided to go with it..but it turned out like this! 

Filled with scramble eggs, roasted vegetables, avocado, beef bacon and cheese with salsa and sour cream on the side.

This one's better than the last one, though still a bit bland but seeing as the only burrito I like is the one at Pasar Santa (if you know what I mean), this was to be expected!

What I appreciate is the size of it. Not because it's huge though, because it's just the right size to bite, unlike other burritos that tend to be way to big!

With lemon aioli topped with poached egg hollandaise sauce and mixed greens.

This was okay-ish, the bacon and chips helped a lot! Reading the name of this menu, I kinda expect a more prominent salmon taste but it turned out to be like a nugget, so if you're a big fan of nuggets, do try this! XD

By the way, this is so not what I'd say but the salads really good! Now you know how plain the other foods are for me to have taken interest in the veggies..lol!

Here's their menu of the day, which the waiter also tried to persuade us to order! Good job though, since this was the best out of all! Forgot the price but there's not much difference with the others. The beef's quite delish and not as spicy as I thought, just a slight prick, which is pretty good and I love how the baguette is crispy! Totally saved the day!

Let's not forget to hydrate our bodies whilst enjoying your 'breakfast'! :D

The outdoor here is just perfect to chill and there's a huge umbrella on some table, so don't worry about the sun!

The tables are filled with crazy patterns, which I find quite pretty! Can't really say I'll come back but if they improve their dish I just might, since the place is actually pretty comfy! Well anyways, good luck!

Breakfast at Cayenne
Jl. Kemang Selatan VIII block C2
Jakarta Selatan 12730

Opening Hours :
Sunday - Monday : 08:00 am - 04:00 pm
Tuesday - Saturday : 07:00 am - 06:00 pm

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