17 October 2015


2 new ice cream parlors in just a few months?! Can't get any better than that! It's another one of a classic Italian gelato, located at Permata Hijau area and the name is IL Vero!

Located right above a pet playground called Fur&Friends, it's easier if you look for a sign called PSY Steamboat, which is also located in the same area! If you're still confused, it's near Belleza Suites, so look for that!

The shop's relatively small but it's really cozy, like a mini heaven! First discovered this place while passing the area, which stirs our curiosity but since we have other destination, we didn't drop by. Later, a friend of ours recommended the place, which made us determined to try it!

Run by these very kind and friendly people, you'd definitely want to come back! Especially since their price is really affordable!

The flavors are always changing, though not all. Plus side to this, there's always something new that you'd want to try. I don't really know the pattern of their change but there's always a consequence, which is missing the flavor that might not be available anymore!

They don't have a size right now, so it's just either cone or cup with 2 scoops of creamy goodness!

Their salted caramel & biscuit is definitely our highest recommended! Super good that I'd always have this one with any other flavors I'd like to try! Bacio flavor is chocolate and hazelnut, which is literally Nutella and who can ever say no to Nutella?

For those who likes coffee, you just have to try this one! It's super good and since it's combined with hazelnut, you won't find it too bitter nor sugar sweet, just perfect balance! Cioccolato extranoir here is extra dark chocolate, which is what they call dark chocolate sorbet. Yeap, I thought sorbet was only for fruity flavors as well but because the chocolate here is so pure, it earned the name sorbet! Can you just picture how pure and delicious this dark chocolate is? If you're a fan of dark chocolate, you better get this one!

Not a fan of dark chocolates? Don't worry, they also have the usual milk chocolate or not so dark chocolate..lol! Speaking from experience, they told us that there're some customers that couldn't their extranoir, so they provided a normal dark chocolate choice!

I can say that their flavors are mostly good, so you don't need to worry when picking a flavor! What made me indecisive was the fact that they're all good!! Trust me, we came back here 3 times already and still planning on coming back! Cozy place, superb service, delicious gelato with affordable price, nothing can get any better than this!

IL Vero Gelateria
Jl. Arteri Permata Hijau No.5
2nd floor of Fur & Friends
Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta 12210

Opening Hours :
Tuesday - Sunday : 12:00 pm -10:00 pm
Closed on Monday


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