31 October 2015


So this is something that you could call a hidden gem, seeing as not many knows about the place even though they're dishes taste amazing! It's even more surprising as they're located at the ever so crowded Senopati but I've almost never seen anyone post about this place, it's called Jjang!

Jjang here is located at the upper floor of Kambing Bakar Kairo and I know this is out of topic but upon entering the building you'll be highly tempted by the sweet smelling of Kambing Bakar! Be warned..lol!

Like any other Korean restaurant, Jjang also have their own kimchi and it's packaged inside this jar and will only be taken from the fridge when a customer comes, so that it's still cold! Too bad I didn't try it though!

Sweet and sour chicken.

I've always love a good sweet and sour sauce and this one is definitely yummy! Don't worry about the redness though, cause it's not spicy at all! This is somewhat like karaage covered with sweet and sour sauce, which is actually very popular amongst Korean cuisine. It's good with a reasonable price, yeap, a definite two thumbs up!

Rolled rice with vegetables and beef.

A Korean version of sushi! The difference between kimbab and sushi is that kimbab will usually be filled with cooked ingredients and the rice is usually less mushy, so don't be surprised if it's more textured than sushi! I like this though, yet I'd still choose sushi over kimbab but that's just a matter of preference!

What I like about this is definitely the beef and even though I'm not a veggie person, it's not perfect if you don't eat the whole thing! There's also a sauce for this, it's not soyu but some red colored liquid that I don't know what. I'd prefer without it though, since it smells like medicine!

Black bean sauce noodle with beef and seafood.

Hmm..well, if it's about Jjangmyeon, I still prefer the ones at Legend of Noodle. The downside of the Legend of Noodle's is that they're not as photogenic as this one! Actually, it's not that this one is bad, it's still good, just that the flavor's not that strong and there's barely any meat, so once you've tasted the Legend of Noodle's, this totally lose!

Be sure to mix it all up nicely for the best taste you can get!

Beef and seafood pancake.

Totally the highlight of today's meal!! Even though it's only egg with beef and seafood but they could cooked it in such way that it's super good!! Who doesn't like a good egg with seafood??

It also smelt super good upon arriving!

There's a reason why we called this a hidden gem! All the foods we had were super delicious, except for the Jjangmyeon but I guess that's because we've tried the Jjangmyeon at Legend of Noodle!

Jjang Noodle & Grill
Jalan Wolter Monginsidi No. 39
2nd Floor, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta 12180

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

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