24 October 2015


As we all know, Jakarta has already been invaded by so many coffee shops that it won't surprise you anymore when there's a new one. Yeap, this here is another one! It's right next to Senopati's Crematology, called Kanawa!

First thing I noticed about this place is that it's super comfy and simple! There're a lot of retro knick-knacks and I just love how the place is very white and neat! Just out of total randomness, the quotes they put here are really something! You just gotta check them all out!

I'm not a coffee expert and really easy to please when it comes to it. As long as it's not burnt and has low acidity, I'm totally good, so this is good for me! Plus the place is just perfect for a cup of coffee, while you enjoy a good reading!

Just look at that simplicity! Beautiful!

Totally my favorite spot! It's comfy, there's plenty of light coming from the window and you can enjoy the sofa!

Didn't bring any books to enjoy? Don't worry, they've got some pretty good books in store to satisfy your reading!

Usually you won't expect much from the foods at the coffee shop, so this really blew me away! This chicken fingers were actually pretty good! Though the secret is from the sauce, it's still worth to try!

Another treat for you is this Ovomaltine goodness! I love Ovomaltine and I love panna cotta, so having them mixed into one is just heavenly for me! It does need more Ovomaltine flavor, though I could understand seeing the price, still... would it hurt to add just a bit more? At least 'till you can taste the Ovomaltine in the panna cotta!

They also have a second floor, which is the smoking room by the way! You'll also find an outdoor spot at the second floor. Don't really know why but the people here prefer the second floor, which is why it's way more crowded than the first floor!

I guess it's an Indonesian culture to enjoy coffee with cigarette?

I'd totally come back if I ever need to waste time while at Senopati area, which will occur quite a few times, since I'll be avoiding 3 in 1!

Jl. Suryo No. 23
Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours :
Monday - Thursday : 09:00 am - 10:00 pm
Friday - Saturday : 09:00 am - 00:00 am
Sunday : 07:00 am - 10:00 pm


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