30 November 2015


Hey there people of Gading! It's not everyday that we posted anything from Kelapa Gading because obviously, this is way too far from our homes! Probably took us a few hours even without the traffic, so I only visit the place like 1 or 2 times in a year, yes I'm exaggerating, but that's just what I feel..lol! When I came here with some friends, we found this cute dessert cafe and decided to give it a try! The name is Kamo Kuma, not exactly new and their first branch is at Sunter. Located across of House of Soju, the signboard is pretty easy to find, it's green colored!

They have 2 floors here and the design is uber cute! It might be childish but I like it! I prefer the 2nd floor cause it's much more spacious, since there's a cashier and dessert bar that takes up the space on the 1st floor. When I came here, the other customers I saw consists of school kids, which clearly shows from their uniforms. That's why I think the design is perfect for kids!

You won't find this on the menu book but you can order it right at the dessert bar on the 1st floor! Truth be told, I expected something more from this, since the name IS Ferrero Choco Nutella, so you can clearly understand what I'm imagining, right? Too bad it turns out to be a normal chocolate cake but since there's Nutella plus a whole Ferrero on top, it's still good. They could surpass good if they try to be more daring though!

Strawberry & vanilla ice cream, cheesecake, cake, corn flakes, strawberry jelly, mochi, strawberry sauce, wafers.

Seriously why is all their parfait menu a recommended? And when I asked the waitress, she only said the usual it depends on taste, like that helps..lol! Well, since nothing helps, I decided to go with my own voice of reason!

My voice of reason picked this one, since the other choices are matcha, milo, and nutella. We already got chocolates for the other menu, so we wanted something refreshing to balance it out. The good news is that this really is good!

As you can see for yourself, there're various toppings in this and I think all of them are good, just not the type to be mixed. I'd suggest eating them individually(?)

Perfect balanced of bitter and sweet. People pleaser!
Choice of: Marie Regal Cookies or Crispy Toasted Bread.

THIS IS IT people! This is the ultimate temptation! How is it that everything that is sinfully pleasurable always named martabak? Well, I don't even know why this is called martabak, since it doesn't even look like one but who cares?

They have 2 choices for this, 54% and 70%, we went with the 54% cause we're afraid that the 70% would be too bitter for us. So below this baked marshmallows is a perfectly melted dark chocolate and also toasted nuts and sesame. Be warned that this is super sweet, so I only recommend this for the sweet-toothed!

Can you imagine the already sweet Marie Regal Cookie dipped into this super sweet s'mores, plus ice cream? But it's just too good for me to have any complaints!

Nutella doughnut on top of Nutella milkshake. Double happiness.

Yeap, it's called double tella because it's double the Nutella! Nutella doughnut and Nutella milkshake, what more can you ask for? Especially since the milkshake really does taste like Nutella, which means they're totally generous with it. It's like drinking a jar of Nutella!

Don't worry about getting a Nutella overdose, the sauce inside that injection is only chocolate sauce! The doughnut was a bit too oily for my liking though, which is too bad!

This below is the 1st floor. See how cramped it is?

Even though the place doesn't look convincing and like the type that is only pretty to look at, so I'm glad after seeing that the desserts are good! Good desserts always give me happiness! :D

Kamo Kuma
Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok QA1 No. 20
Kelapa Gading

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm


29 November 2015


Ready for some more Korean? This time we headed to the South but no, it's not Senopati, we're going to the mall, which is Pacific Place! I kind of forgot what this was before but I know that it hasn't always been Bibigo. Well, it's all in the past, which is not important anyway!

Located on the 4th floor, the place is pretty easy to find, just look for a big lighthouse in the middle of a made up ocean! Bibigo is a Korean branch restaurant, which is under CheilJedang or CJ, who also holds Blitz Megaplex. Because of this, now you can order some of Bibigo's dishes at Blitz to accompany you, while you're watching a movie!

Interior's pretty cool, all mirrors and wooden furniture with a seaside dock theme. You can even dine inside the lighthouse or even better, on the boat! Yes, there's an actual boat..lol! Well, no matter where you choose, the most important part must be the foods, right? So let's get started!

Napa cabbage, radicchio, papaya, bean sprout and black sesame with fried spring roll pastry and Korean sesame dressing.

Because this salad is made out of a lot of ingredients, which are not only veggies, I find this very satisfying! :p You might think that the portion is way too small for the price but it's because this salad is a part of a set that I'll explain more below!

Deep fried chicken glazed with sweet & spicy Kohot sauce.
*Kohot sauce is Bibigo's hot sauce made with Korean red chili pepper paste Gochujang.

My favorite Korean snack, so of course I think this is super good. A bit spicy but good! The same goes for this as the salad, this is also a part of that set, which costs only IDR 35K for the salad and this yummy red chicken!

Brisket beef bulgogi marinated in teriyaki sauce with authentic Korean kimchi and fried tofu.
+Set B (Korean Chopped Salad & Red Chicken) IDR 35K

This is the set I'm talking about! So if you get any of the dish in the same page as this, you can add set A or B. For this bulgogi, it's no mistaking of how good it is, I think all the meats here are good! If only they have pork..lol! Now, I'm not a big fan of tofu but my friend said that even the tofu is good!

Char-grilled U.S. beef ribs marinated in Bibigo's special sauce.

I wonder how different the taste of this and the normal galbi that only cost IDR 180K, is it more tender? More flavorful? I guess it is, it's supposed to be, right? Well, anyway like I said before, all the meats here are good and this is no different! Though the rib's bone made it look like short ribs, is it? Okay, too many questions for this dish but it's really good, trust me..lol!

Char-grilled chicken and mushroom skewer marinated in soy sauce, topped with minced pistachio and Bibigo's special Kohot Sambal sauce.

You know that this restaurant is good when not only their beef tasted amazing but also the chicken! Love how complex they try to make out of a simple chicken skewer. I mean, minced pistachio? Who would've thought of that? Thumbs up!

Spicy soft tofu stew with beef flank in a sizzling hot stone pot.

I'm not a big fan of sundubu jjigae, especially with seafood, so it's a good thing that they have a beef version. Since my friend loves soup, we decided to give it a try and I'm actually glad I did! This is actually pretty good, it's spicy but very flavorful and generous with the topping!

Bibimbap topped with braised beef in soy sauce, fried egg and assorted vegetables in a sizzling hot stone bowl.

A bit disappointed that this bibimbap doesn't go with gochujang sauce, instead it's only soy sauce but we didn't want to get the usual bibimbap, since there's no meat in it! Well, sacrifices had to be made, so we went with this. Good thing that even with only soy sauce, this bowl of rice is pretty satisfying!

Steamed back-rib in sweet-spicy sauce combined with cheese.

We've arrived at the highlight of today's dining experience!! You can really tell that this will be good even by just looking at the picture, right? Yeap, this is super good! Can you imagine a tender sweet and spicy ribs dipped with melted cheese? It's my heaven on earth! What's even better is that there's fire below the hot stone to keep you cheese from crusting and stay melted! Perfection!

This is food for 3 girls..yes, you can call us monsters now..lol!

This is actually my second time dining here and I still think it's good! I would definitely not mind to have to come back here again! Maybe I should try getting this while I'm in the cinema? :p

Pacific Place
4th floor
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


28 November 2015


Going further to the North, here's a place where most people must have visited at least once in their lifetime, it's Ancol! Now, I know what came up in your mind is probably that amusement park, who would've thought that anyone would come here for food? Well, we did and it's here at Shinjuku Shabu!

Like any other shabu house, they offer an all you can eat. There's a veggie and meat balls that you can take on your own, also various sauces! For the meat you gotta ask the waiters though!

The interior is pretty simple and looks like an old fashioned family restaurant. Love the black tables though!

You'll get this plate full of veggies and friends on first servings, so if you're don't feel like going from your seat to get the veggies, here you go!

For the meat balls, this is all they have; beef meat balls, chikuwa, fish balls, fish chips, kani (crab stick). I think these are essential to sweetened up the soup!

For the meat choices, you can either get this one or the US, which will determine your all you can eat price! When it comes to meat at shabu-shabu, I don't really find them too different from other places. What confuses me about this one is the fat though, why is it yellowish?

Look at how thin the slices are! It's not because they're stingy though, it's so that they will melt in your mouth!

I personally prefer this one, since it's more tender. Price never lies, huh? Not only is it better tasting, it's also better looking, right? Just look at those beautiful marbles! The cow must've been very very pampered..lol!

For the soup, they only have original or spicy, which they say that they'll have more soup choices later on. Soup is probably what makes each shabu house different, like how Shabu Ghin has their own signature soup and so on. I think the original soup here was a bit bland, only after 5 or 10 servings of meat put into the soup, does it taste good, so I guess they should improve it before adding any other choices!

The serving of the meat was a bit slow when we came, even though we're the only customers. Maybe this is because they've just opened or something but because of that, we decided to order 5 servings of meat at once and this is what it looks like!

So if you think this looks different, this is actually just the US ribeye beef in 5 servings..lol!

Lastly, for dessert they have an ice cream machine! There're 3 choices; vanilla, chocolate or mixed. The ice cream was okay, it's not amazing but it's decent for a place that doesn't specialize in sweets. I prefer the chocolate one because I personally think that the vanilla has this strange taste! Fyi, their tagline here is no. 1 Shabu in Japan, which they clearly wrote on their banner!

Shinjuku Shabu
Ancol Beach City
Ground floor
Jl. Pantai Timur
Jakarta Utara 14430

Opening Hours :
Monday - Friday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday : 10:00 am - 00:00 am