23 November 2015


Calling all Korean lovers!! Wait..I mean jjangmyeon lovers! Lol! Here we present to you a restaurant that offers the best jjangmyeon we've ever had! I'm guessing that they must've been the pioneer in Jakarta..it's just a guess though. :p
So this place is called Legend of Noodle! Even though I'm sure that most of you probably have heard about it, I'm always asked about where it is located. Well, they're located at Senopati, almost right across of Three Buns, pretty simple to find!

Since the place is called Legend of Noodle, it's to be expected that this ain't like other Korean restaurants, which usually has a grilled menu. This place is focused mainly on noodles..duh! Korean noodle is different from any other noodles, I find Korean noodles more chewy. Here, they have 2 favorites; one of them is this soup based noodle!

I guess this is the ever so popular seafood soup with noodles in it! As an Indonesian, I think the portion is huge, like 3 people's portion huge! But they said that for a Korean, this is a single person's portion...wow!

Though this tasted a bit spicy, like a proper jampong, I think it's delicious! They're also very generous with the seafood that even if it's a bit troublesome to eat, I can't stop because it's too darn good!

The 2nd favorite is of course, their JJANGMYEON! Anyone who has ever watched any kind of Korean shows must have seen this dish at least once and I bet you also drooled over it! At first, I thought that the only place I could get this was here, since if you type in jjangmyeon in Jakarta, the result will all shows Legend of Noodle, even with the overpopulation of Korean restaurant in Jakarta! Now, I realized that more and more Korean restaurant has decided to offer this, like Jjang Noodle and even Mujigae! Hmm..I guess this is good news for Jakarta's Korean lovers!

If you have no idea what jjangmyeon is, it's actually just noodles mixed with blackbean paste, yeap, it's that simple! So simple that it's just mind-blowing on how good this Legend of Noodle's jjangmyeon is! Might not be photogenic but I really don't care. Don't know what makes it different than other's jjangmyeon, maybe it's because there's a lot of onions in it and if you take a look closely, there's some chunks of pork in it! Yeah, I know it's hard to see, since it's all covered in black..lol!

I'm guessing that the noodle they use is all that same chewy noodle on each menu, just different sauce and topping. This is really the bomb and it only cost me IDR 55K for a huge portion of it! Love!!

Here's a sneak peek of their menu, since I bet you all must be curious by now! :p

Can't even be bothered with the interiors anymore! The food we had was so good that I don't really care how the place is but at least it's cozy here!

Legend of Noodle
Senopati no 81
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12110

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 09:00 pm


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