18 November 2015


Yeahh! Finally! It's not another new coffee shop that has decided to open in Jakarta but a tea specialist! Well, can you deny that when you're asked about tea shop, the first thing that popped up in your mind is TWG? Which is why I'm super psyched about this place called Lewis & Carroll Tea, located near Pakubuwono Apartment. If you still have trouble finding it, try locating it with a GPS, cause that's how I found it!

They're in the same building as a place for yoga, which is on the 2nd floor. Both are perfect for finding inner peace..lol! What I love a bout this place is how simple and elegant it is, plus it's super neat and clean, very classy!

You can choose various types of tea that will be put into these tubes and will be served to your table right away!

If you don't know anything about teas like us..worry not! Cause the staff will be more than happy to tell us about they're signature teas and even include which ones are best for hot or iced ones! Super helpful!

While the staff is explaining, we are also encouraged to sniff each tea's aroma and let me tell you, these smell super good! It's like an aromatherapy..lol!

Not only do they offer special teas, you can also buy your own sets of teacups! Available in all the colors of the rainbows!

For the dining, they're not the high-tea kind but the usual dining, so there's appetizer, dual main course, desserts, and of course, teas!

We chose this one because it definitely allured us with it's strong scent even before brewed! That and it's also the staff's recommendation haha! Tastes sort of like a unsweetened orange Nutrisari, so if you're a fan of it, you'll definitely like this!

This one's actually tastes like normal tea with a hint of something different that I just can't put my finger on! I'm no tea expert, so I know I'm doing a poor job on explaining this but there's just this slight unique taste to it. Be reminded that they don't provide sugar, since it'll destroy the taste!

For the iced teas, we decided to go with this one! All I can say is that even in iced, the scent is still strong and it tastes like mango, so it's already has a hint of sweetness even without sugar! It's all natural sweetness, super recommended!

Spinach linguine with beef bacon in truffle carbonara sauce.

Sorry for the super mainstream choice but I can't help it, I was craving for some creamy pasta! Everything was fine...until the truffle oil hits. I'm starting to wonder why most restaurants like to put truffle oil on EVERYTHING! :( I really don't like the smell of it, judge me all you want but I really think it smells like gas! People say that the truffle oil makes the dish better and I admit this does taste wonderful but the smell of it is just too much for me!

Tastes like how a carbonara should taste, though it's a bit dry for my liking. Don't know if it's suppose to be like this or not but at least the taste was okay!

Focaccia, wild arugula, tomatoes, and slices of smoked turkey breast with tuna mayo.

My personal favorite!! Though it looks ordinary and usually I don't like tomatoes and all, this one is an exception! You just have to eat everything here to get its best taste! Love the smoked turkey slices!

All that goodness wrapped in a crispy bun with some tasty chips on the side. Perfection!

Look at how generous the turkey is!

Pan fried salmon with dill sauce.

This pan seared salmon if eaten alone is very ordinary, so please prevent yourself from doing that! You have to eat everything here; the potatoes, salad, and even eggplants, plus don't forget the sauce, I assure you, it'll be different!

Even though I don't like eggplants, I have no idea how they make the eggplants here yummy for me!

This is such a chocolate-y goodness!! Too bad it's too overpriced! :'( But if you have some extra cash to burn, you should definitely try this!!

Love the white theme with this rainbow decoration! Just gives you that sense of serenity!

I'd totally come back just for the sake of have a calm and peaceful afternoon tea time! The place is also so beautiful that you'd even want to have a photoshoot here!

Lewis & Carroll Tea
Jl. Bumi No 4
Kebayoran Baru, Blok M
Jakarta Selatan 12120

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 08:00 am - 10:00 pm

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