28 November 2015


Going further to the North, here's a place where most people must have visited at least once in their lifetime, it's Ancol! Now, I know what came up in your mind is probably that amusement park, who would've thought that anyone would come here for food? Well, we did and it's here at Shinjuku Shabu!

Like any other shabu house, they offer an all you can eat. There's a veggie and meat balls that you can take on your own, also various sauces! For the meat you gotta ask the waiters though!

The interior is pretty simple and looks like an old fashioned family restaurant. Love the black tables though!

You'll get this plate full of veggies and friends on first servings, so if you're don't feel like going from your seat to get the veggies, here you go!

For the meat balls, this is all they have; beef meat balls, chikuwa, fish balls, fish chips, kani (crab stick). I think these are essential to sweetened up the soup!

For the meat choices, you can either get this one or the US, which will determine your all you can eat price! When it comes to meat at shabu-shabu, I don't really find them too different from other places. What confuses me about this one is the fat though, why is it yellowish?

Look at how thin the slices are! It's not because they're stingy though, it's so that they will melt in your mouth!

I personally prefer this one, since it's more tender. Price never lies, huh? Not only is it better tasting, it's also better looking, right? Just look at those beautiful marbles! The cow must've been very very pampered..lol!

For the soup, they only have original or spicy, which they say that they'll have more soup choices later on. Soup is probably what makes each shabu house different, like how Shabu Ghin has their own signature soup and so on. I think the original soup here was a bit bland, only after 5 or 10 servings of meat put into the soup, does it taste good, so I guess they should improve it before adding any other choices!

The serving of the meat was a bit slow when we came, even though we're the only customers. Maybe this is because they've just opened or something but because of that, we decided to order 5 servings of meat at once and this is what it looks like!

So if you think this looks different, this is actually just the US ribeye beef in 5 servings..lol!

Lastly, for dessert they have an ice cream machine! There're 3 choices; vanilla, chocolate or mixed. The ice cream was okay, it's not amazing but it's decent for a place that doesn't specialize in sweets. I prefer the chocolate one because I personally think that the vanilla has this strange taste! Fyi, their tagline here is no. 1 Shabu in Japan, which they clearly wrote on their banner!

Shinjuku Shabu
Ancol Beach City
Ground floor
Jl. Pantai Timur
Jakarta Utara 14430

Opening Hours :
Monday - Friday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday : 10:00 am - 00:00 am


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