27 November 2015


We're back to Kemang! This time, it's to have a ramyun feast at a place called Sinsa Ramyun! Actually they have 2 branch, which the one I knew was at Muara Karang, to be exact, at where Mr. Crabby is supposed to be. Yeap, no more Mr. Crabby..sad, but the owner is still the same. I guess this one at Kemang is pretty new to me!

I think the container look is in nowadays, don't you? Well, the design of the place is the same for each branch, a yellow and white container look! This is actually the look of Mr. Crabby as well, so for the one at Muara Karang, they didn't really change much!

This one, which is at Kemang, they're located right next to Lin ice cream. There's one little disappointing fact about this one though...they're halal here! :( When I was looking at Sinsa in Instagram, I was already thinking of getting pork, but turns out that is only for the one at Muara Karang!

Before we start, you might be wondering why the table here is different from the ones at Sinsa. That is because we dined at Lin, which is totally okay, so you can actually sit at Lin and eat foods from Sinsa, as long as you ordered something from Lin as well!
Starting with something refreshing like The Pink Noona IDR 42K or Berry Saranghae for the same price!


Wasn't expecting anything from this but it turned out way better than I thought! This is officially my favorite snack here! The ramen is similar to my childhood snack called Mie Remes..lol! Love how the cheese is very generous and who can deny fries with cheese? Out of all dish, this was the one that disappear in seconds!

This kind of glazed chicken has always been my favorite Korean snack! It tasted sweeter than how cheese is supposed to be but I guess it's okay. Not only does this consists of chicken but also hash browns! I'm starting to wonder if this was chili honey chicken wing instead..doesn't look like wings though, hmm?

+ Smoked beef IDR 18K

It was okay-ish..I expected something more. What disappoints me is that the smoked beef was tasteless, I thought that it's going to be salty, so it was tasteless if you don't eat it with the galbi! Maybe I should've get another topping or maybe chose the spicy chicken rice instead?

W/ beef ribs.
+Corn IDR 10K

The best ramyun here!! All I need to say is that it tasted like our favorite Indomie with toppings! I highly recommend you get this one, seriously, the dry one, not soup. I don't have anything more to say!

W/ beef sausage.
+Sliced beef IDR 18K.

For the kimchi, I recommend getting the soup one, since it has a strong kimchi taste and it's a bit overwhelming if you get the dry one. It was still good, though not as good as the galbi, I don't really think you should get too many toppings, since the topping they have is enough already!

W/ spicy chicken.
+Cheese IDR 10K

This is why I suggest the soup one for the kimchi, cause we've tried it and was overwhelmed..lol! Especially since we even added cheese for the topping, which is also why I said to not add too many toppings. I think for this one, the spicy chicken would've been enough, since you'll also get the half boiled egg, so no need the extra calorie! :p

It's just steamed mantao buns filled with delicious galbi, which turns out good! It would've been better if you eat it while it's warm or else the buns wouldn't be as fluffy as it's supposed to be!

Really regretted for not choosing the one at Muara Karang instead cause this delicious ramyun would taste amazing with pork! I definitely have to try the one at Muara Karang, I just have to!

Sinsa Ramyun
Jl. Taman Kemang I No. 6
Jakarta Selatan 12730

Opening Hours :
Sunday - Thursday : 10:00 am - 11:00 pm
Friday - Saturday : 11:00 am - 02:00 am
Closed on Tuesdays


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