24 November 2015


Wow! This is probably my first time feeling so proud of my university's area! Been in Binus for 4 years and had never found any interesting and proper spot like this one. Actually there are some, just never as pretty and BIG as this, so we proudly present The Cortado!!

I personally think that The Cortado really qualifies as the perfect spot for university students, especially those living in a boarding house! They provide wi-fi and the place is just super cozy to just hang or do some assignments, plus they open 'till midnight! Nice, huh? Though I guess nothing is perfect, since this place does have a minus point, which is parking space! For us, Binus student's, we can just easily park at Binus Syahdan, since it's pretty close by but what about those who are not students? Hmm..well, maybe they're target market really is Binus students!

It used to be a warnet before, which is why it has 3 floors. The first floor only has a stairs to the second floor, where The Cortado is and the third floor is a gym, hence why you'll hear people throwing down weights. I had doubts when I saw the outer appearance, I wasn't even sure if this was the place if it isn't for the huge congratulation flower in front. It all changed upon entering the place though, cause I was totally in awe afterwards! The space seriously huge for a cafe at Binus area!

The design isn't outstanding or anything, just a simple cemented wall, somewhat like Crematology but I can definitely let it slide. They also have a smoking room here and don't worry, it's air conditioned as well!

It's really too bad that this comfy place's scenery outside is the heavy traffic jams of Binus and those crazy cables! :(

Their specialties are milk coffee and tea. Since they've just opened, each purchase of 1 food (it could be anything; appetizer, main course, dessert), you'll get a free cold double ristretto latte and tea!

Starting with some appetizer, we went for this churros and not just any churros, nutella oreo churros! Can you imagine? Everyone's favorite nutella and oreo..in one dish?! Super good and the churros also very crispy. Even though they put a lot of nutella and oreo, they managed to not dissolve the real churros taste!

For the main course, we chose this double burger. You can either have this with melted cheese, bbq, or hot and spicy. We, of course, went immediately with the melted cheese! This only cost IDR 48K, I guess it's because they're target market is people around Binus, where the most expensive dish cost only IDR 50K. The burger's okay-ish, it's not incredible but decent. All I can say is that the fries isn't the crispy type and the patty's a bit mushy but at least it doesn't smell weird, so it's all good!

Their recommended us this sushi banana, which we find super cute! It's a sushi made out of banana..hmm, very creative! :D Even though it doesn't look tempting, this it's actually pretty good!

On top of it is oreo crumbs and nuts for the coating, so it's a bit crunchy, just like a crunchy roll..lol!

Another pleasant surprise is the nutella below the oreo, so they uses nutella to stick the oreo crumbs, which is why it's so good! It doesn't lose the banana taste though, so if you don't like bananas, it's really too bad!

A bit frustrated on why this place decide to open only after we graduated! If only we had places like this, while we were still going to Binus, we could've used this place as our assignment haven!! :( Well, no use regretting it now, right? Let's move on with our lives! :p

The Cortado
Jl. KH. Syahdan No.36
Jakarta Barat 11480

Opening Hours :
Sunday - Thursday : 10:00 am - 00:00 am
Friday - Saturday : 10:00 am - 01:00 am


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