21 November 2015


I've just earned a new discovery!! Did you know that those pure authentic Japanese restaurant can not only be found in Little Tokyo, Melawai but also here at MidPlaza?! Well, we just found out..so much for a Japanese cuisine fan, huh? Although here, the restaurants aren't as many as Little Tokyo, there're only 4 or 5 authentic Japanese restaurants, all inside of MidPlaza. Some that I know are Sakana, Udonku, Honzen, Taichan, and of course Tontoki!

We chose Tontoki because we heard that it's the newest out of the other Japanese restaurants, plus all the menu here consists of PORK! No chicken or beef or lamb, though I never heard of lamb in a Japanese restaurant anyway, but yeah..it's all pork! If you're looking for beefs, you can find it on the next restaurant though, called Udonku. The owners are actually the same, so I guess Udonku is just a halal version of Tontoki(?)

The place is not a fine-dining type and really doesn't look like an expensive restaurant but it does make you feel like you're actually dining in Japan! Very modest with a low ceiling and even tatami! Looks just like those restaurants on Japan's street, though I never personally went to Japan, yet I've seen it in the movies! :p

It's a 2 story and this is their first floor! Only difference is that on the second floor, it's all tatami! So pick your seats. Oh and by the way, bad news for me cause the whole place is a free-to-smoke area! :(

For the first floor, it's not all chairs, you can also find some tatami!

They have various gyoza menus; gyoza age, which is a fried gyoza and gyoza soup. Again, all filled with pork! There's also this special Japanese soy sauce, which is probably the highlight of this dish..lol! But just the gyoza is good as well

Pork belly stamina bowl.

A definite must try! This is super yummy!! They did a superb job with the pork belly, I don't know how but it has a super delicious scent, yet it's not overflowing with oil. How do they do that?? Well, you have to watch out, since there's a lot of onions in here as well, so for those who dislikes it, this will be a nightmare! All of this for only IDR 42K, I think it's totally worth it and the portion is also quite generous! Amazing!

Deep fried pork cutlet with mozzarella cheese.

A bit of a bummer after that amazing don, since I don't really like this one. For me, the mozzarella tasted kinda odd, maybe it's just because it doesn't taste like how we expected. I guess it's just because of how authentic it was(?) If it's only the pork katsu, I have no problem though!

There's also a lunch set menu for this dish for only IDR 86K and you'll get this with a free flow of rice or fried potato, it also comes with pork soup, veggies and tea! A complete set of meal!

Bbq pork rib.

I can't find the best angle for this ribs cause this is actually HUGE! Just trust on my words for this one. This is like a piece of one long ribs with thick, yet tender meat! I bet this is even enough for 2 (actually it IS said to be for 2..lol!) Though I think this is the least Japanese, since it's ribs with barbecue sauce, don't really feel the Japanese vibe!

I can say that overall, I love this place! 1. The foods affordable! 2. It's all pork! 3. You can really get the dining in Japan experience. Keep on reading to see why I said that!

Just look at the second floor! The tatami, the decorations, the interior, the view, it all screams Japan! Looks exactly like what I've always seen in movies!

If you're a huge Japan fan, I'd suggest you try this place now! I bet you'll have a great time! :D

MidPlaza I Building
Basement Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 10-11
Jakarta, Indonesia 10220

Opening Hours :
Monday - Saturday :
Lunch : 11:30 am - 02:00 pm
Dinner : 06:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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