31 December 2015


Finally tried this super cool new Japanese restaurant called Fujin! Yes, it's another Japanese and to close this year too! This year is filled with a lot of surprises, laughter and tears, either of joy nor sadness but it's another good year after all!
Well all I know about Fujin is that it's similar to Bali's Japanese restaurant called Rayjin. Now, if you're a Final Fantasy 8 fan, you're probably smiling to yourself right now! Are you gonna judge me for being a gamer geek? :p

Fujin opened in the start of December and is located at Senopati, in the same building as Monstore, in line with H gourmet. Basically, Fujin, like Rayjin, is a teppan!

Their concept is to cook everything with teppanyaki style and we can actually see them cooking here at the teppan bar. You can be assured that it's all cooked with teppanyaki style cause all the foods will be served from this bar!

Wonder what they're making here..maybe it's a pizza teppanyaki? Hmm, interesting..lol!

Not only that, they also have various Japanese liquor..and I mean various! It's to the point that their beverage menu book is a lot thicker than the food menu that already contains foods and desserts!

I guess it was to be expected, since when I looked closely, most tables has their own set of alcohols. The place is an all smoking room, yet they do limit it before 6 pm and I don't know why but the smell of cocaine isn't that strong, maybe it's overwhelmed by the smell of teppan? Lol!

They also have a drink bar for those who only came to have a drink and I was even told to wait here while my table was being cleaned!

They're the type of restaurant that only opens at lunch and dinner hours, so be sure to check out their opening hours before you came here!

I was told that I had to reserve before eating here but it's said here that walk-ins are welcomed..hmm? The reserving policy is also pretty strict, since after 15 minutes of the reserved time, our reservation will be canceled. Maybe I was told that, since the place is usually crowded!

Another thing is if you make a reservation first, you'll get your name hand-written in this card here! Totally awesome, definitely didn't regret reserving first!

Starting of with tapas but before we actually start, I'm just gonna say that EVERYTHING I had here is absolutely fantastic!

Panko coated tuna and avocado with tataki dressing and mayonnaise.

Even the starting dish is already outstanding! The outer is crispy and the inner is raw with a lovely dressing and even though there's avocado, I really didn't mind it cause everything is just in perfect balance! Great...now, I'm craving to have this again. It's just so refreshing with all those greens and tataki dressing! I totally recommend you to get this!!

Grilled miso marinated gindara.

This one is actually pretty ordinary compared to the other dishes I had but even their ordinary is way above standard! :') How could I say it's ordinary? Well, it's cause the taste is not something new, I felt like I've tasted something like this before, so it lacks that 'wow' factor. Nevertheless it's really delicious!

A super soft grilled gindara with a sweet miso sauce, just like how a decent grilled gindara is supposed to taste!

Teppan grilled pork belly with sweet onion and ginger sauce.

THIS.IS.SUPER.GOOD! I repeat, SUPER GOOD! Love how the pork belly lacks fat and more meat and because I find onions a satisfying addition to meat dishes, this is heaven for me! The onion totally gives of a nice aroma and even the salad is delicious. Totally superb, though it's a bit dangerous to those who doesn't like onions, since the onion's pretty strong here!

What's unique about this dish is the ginger sauce! The ginger aroma is definitely what gives this dish that extra kick!

Sweet and sour marinated chicken with Japanese tartar sauce.

Another awesome dish! Though the tartar sauce is pretty ordinary, it's totally different if you combine it with the chicken and pesto! Seriously, all this outstanding dishes is almost unbearable, am I in heaven? Lol!

The conclusion is; all of you who lives in Jakarta needs to try this!! Yes, the portion's not much and it might get your wallet a diet but it's totally worth every penny you spend! You're definitely paying less than the quality they offer!
A great way to close the year and I'm sure that the next year will be even better!

Happy New Year everybody!! See you in 2016!

Jalan Gunawarman No. 21
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12110

Opening Hours :
Lunch : 11:30 am - 03:00 pm
Dinner : 06:00 pm - late



Can you believe that 2015 is almost ending? Feels like just yesterday we were welcoming the new year! Time really flies as you grow older, huh? Well, this past few months have been flooded with Japanese cuisines and today is no different..lol! Yeap, it's another Japanese here called Hikaru!

This is actually a friend of mine's and it's amazing how just a few days ago, we were both struggling with our final thesis and now, she owns a restaurant! One in Pantai Indah Kapuk, no less! It's in Pantai Indah Kapuk's Food Plaza, the 2nd alley from the main entrance!

The front look of this place is totally different from the others in the Food Plaza, so it's pretty easy to spot! I guess the interior is pretty neat, a simple white with Japanese decorations. You can clearly feel that it's not a fancy kind of restaurant but a very homey one!

Yes, you've heard of Milo Dino, here we introduce to you..Milo Godzilla! This will definitely leave you feeling hell'a guilty! No matter how guilty this will make you feel, you just can't help but be tempted and I bet you won't be able to stop slurping 'till the last drop!

Here's a less overwhelming alternative! If you can't handle all those chocolates, why not get a strawberry one that has a balance of sweet and sour! This is totally a more refreshing choice, though I'm more of a chocolate person!

A ball shaped containing cheese or octopus.

I totally didn't expect the takoyaki here to be this good! Though it all made sense after my friend explained that she's a takoyaki fan, since it's obvious she'll search for the perfect takoyaki recipe! Yes, most of the recipes is from herself! You can get either cheese or octopus or even both. We got both but I think the cheese disappeared..lol!

Here's a list of what this is from left to right;
-Sandwich tofu
-Fish cake
-Squid ball
-Crab stick
-Fish roll
-Fish tofu

My favorites are definitely the fish cake and squid ball! Most of it is good though, since there's not really much that could go wrong with kushiyaki. It's all seasoned well, so I have no problem!

A sunny sunshine egg with a dash of Happy honey on top of rice.

I love honey mustard sauce..actually, I love any sauce with honey in it, so seeing that they have it here, I immediately went for it! Considering the price, this one's pretty good, yet they could taste even better if only the egg has a runny yolk!

McDreamy pork & McSteamy tofu meets sexy scrambled egg.

Not saying that this is bad or anything, in fact this is actually good but it tasted really homemade..literally! It's like something my mom would make at home, yet I guess it's the concept here(?) If not, they could spice things up a bit to make it more gourmet-ish!

Say hello to the sweet Berry Man!

It's SO CUTE!! This little Santa is just too cute to eat, don't you think so too? Don't waste the chance though, cause it's not only good for the eyes but also for your taste buds cause this taste sweet! I was expecting a super tangy strawberry but instead you'll get a carefully picked sweet strawberries! A refreshing kind of sweet!

Once upon a pie apple, in a rosy island.

Did I mention that this friend of mine is food carving champion? I guess this is a small display of her talent! The taste is pretty simple, it's exactly what you expect from an apple pie!

Melting snowman with marshmallow, pocky hand, and the oreo-hat.

I just can't stop this giddiness of seeing such cute desserts! Totally made my day and even though I'm not a huge fan of marshmallow (not when I have to eat it without anything else, like hot chocolate), this is just too cute to miss!

Meringue tree on a pie crust pot with bright honeystar on top.

Yes, it's that green thingy beside the snowman! You'd expect that pretty cupcakes are only pretty on the eye but this one is actually edible..lol! Though my friend did apologize for the fail of the tree shaped meringue, I find the meringue pretty decent that I'd actually eat it. I don't usually eat meringue nor cupcake frosting, since I find it a waste of my precious stomach space! :p

Overall it was a pretty decent restaurant and I wish this place the best of luck! Here's a cute Berry Man to end this post cause I just can't get over it!

Hikaru Japanese Restaurant
Inside Food Plaza
Jl. Outer Ring Road
Pantai Indah Kapuk

Opening Hours :
Tuesday - Sunday : 05:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Closed on Monday