17 December 2015


It's Christmas season people!! In some parts of the world, it might be winter but from where we are, it's raining season. The season that I have a love-hate relationship with! The sound of rain always soothes me and I love how the sky is, people might call it gloomy but I call it serene, yet it's not so great when I have activities that will be hindered by it and don't get me started on floods. Anyways, when it's raining, the best company for me is definitely coffee, so here it is! A new coffee shop at Senopati called Caribou Coffee!

The coffee shop we're talking about here is a 'Starbucks' kind of coffee shop, so expect a lot of variations and of course, delicacies! Let me tell you, the cakes here looks fantastic! Take a look for yourself!

You just have to try their cranberry scones! I was never a big fan of scones but these are amazing!

Nice, wasn't it? Just because it's not the usual coffee shop doesn't mean they don't take their coffee seriously! You can really feel how passionate these people are about coffee and I guess this is American's style of coffee shop. Yeap, Caribou Coffee here is a branch from the states!

Since we came here on an event, we don't really know how the 1st floor is suppose to look like but we got a chance to get to the 2nd floor and get a glimpse of the comfy and homey atmosphere Caribou has offered!

Yes, that is a fireplace, you're not seeing things. Probably wondering why would that be needed in Jakarta but they said that they wanted to keep the interior as similar as possible to the Caribou in America, so there you go!

They also have their own goods that you can purchase, from coffee beans to mugs and tumblers! All are originally Caribou!

For you coffee enthusiast, they even have special filtered coffee! The beans are Daybreak, Sumatra, and Mocha Java. You can check out how it taste at the board there behind the barista. We tried the Daybreak and Sumatra, between the 2, I prefer the Sumatra, since I don't really like tangy taste in my coffee!

In this event, we learnt a lot of coffee knowledge from this coffee dude here! His name is Nate Hrobak and he started his coffee adventure as a barista!

We also got the chance to sharpened our senses to understand coffee with this 5 S!

Some of their recommended beverages are Vanilla White Mocha, Turtle Mocha, and Caramel High Rise. Why is most of it mocha? Well, because unlike other places, here they used actual chocolates! We especially love the Turtle Mocha!

They also have huge, delicious sandwiches, so you don't need to worry about an empty stomach before having your coffee. I don't know about you guys but my stomach can't really take caffeine if it's empty, it'll start to get messed up, so I always make sure to have eaten something before having them! Maybe I'm just caffeine intolerant? But since I can't live without it, I just have to figure a way out! Fyi, I personally prefer this sandwich below called Smoked Beef & Brie Pretzel!

After the event, we decided to get some to-go's, we got the Turtle Mocha again on blended and hot Mint Condition Mocha. Kinda bummed that there's barely any mint taste though but at least the Turtle Mocha is awesome enough to cover up for both!

I guess this will be yet another awesome place to hang and work, since the place is just super homey! I can really imagine myself spending hours here! Well, I stay awake for good coffee, good book, good company and a comfy place! What do you stay awake for?

Caribou Coffee
Jl. Senopati No. 52
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12920
021 - 27515162

Opening hours :
Sunday - Thursday : 06:30 am - 11:00 pm
Friday - Saturday : 06:30 am - 00:00 am


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