31 December 2015


Here's an interesting place in Bandengan area called Ebisuya! The place really stands out, since it's pretty attractive compared to the other buildings in that area. It's pretty easy to find using Waze or Google Maps, just remember that once you went through the flyover, it will be on your left!

You can clearly tell that it's a Japanese restaurant, right? I think they're pretty crowded..not with people but with ornaments and decorations..lol! Not only from the outside but also the inside. It's filled with Japanese decorations, like lanterns and stuffs, anything that screams Japan!

They have a bar table like in a sushi bar, though I guess people will prefer to dine at a normal table. Maybe those who came alone might sit here?

When I came here, there's only 3 tables occupied, which I'm guessing is because of the rain(?) Anyways, I love how this place really went all out for the interior! Obviously they don't like to do a half-ass job!

For the 2nd floor, there's tatami, so if you want to go all out with the Japanese experience, this is the spot for you!

Another thing about the 2nd floor is that there're private rooms here, so if it's only for a normal dining with few people, you'd most likely be directed to the 1st floor. If I remember correctly, there're 2 private rooms here and I don't think there's a minimum purchase, plus it could fit to 10 people, so it's perfect for a New Year's celebration with friends or family!

Japanese savory pancake.

This is more like an omelette than okonomiyaki, cause the batter is really little. The usual okonomiyaki I had is less egg and more of a fluffy dough with lots of toppings, unlike this one, yet it's still good! Love how they're very generous with the octopus and I also love the sweet sauce!

Rolled of fresh salmon and kani stick topped with special mayonnaise, torched to perfection, and topped with tobikko.

In any sushi restaurant, there's always a volcano roll and it's always good! How can it not be good? It's a simple sushi topped with torched mayo! This one's pretty big for a sushi, so it's a bit hard to eat it in 1 bite like how sushi is supposed to be eaten. The sauce will most likely get in your face..lol!

Crispy deep fried pork topped with curry on rice, served with steamed rice, fresh salad, miso soup and dessert.

So this is a set menu and for only IDR 98K, you'll get miso soup and dessert, which in this case is watermelon..can't deny that fruits are good for health, right?

The curry is pretty satisfying with a perfect texture! Love how the pork katsu has a nice thin crust, so you can really taste the pork instead of just crispy batter! This is all good, just not outstanding, it's like you can find this kind of flavors anywhere, which I guess is not that memorable!

This is their new menu, so it's not written in their menu book yet! I find this very refreshing with all those onions and garlic on top. It's sort of like sambal matah but different and filled with kani and salmon! Yum!!

Grilled whole squid.

This is a purely grilled squid with no seasoning whatsoever..at least, that's what I tasted. It's totally bland, though you can really taste the pure sweetness of the squid but I would prefer to eat it with soyu or sweet soy sauce. Yes, I'm a slave for strong flavor!

Another new menu! The name is a total rip off though, since it doesn't taste spicy at all and you'll taste more cucumber than crab stick. It's a totally average!

Steamed braised pork belly combined with assorted vegetables over the rice, served in a unique bamboo basked served with salmon katsu, miso soup, pickles and dessert.

The first menu that I immediately order upon reading the name..lol! It's CHAR SIU for crying out loud! :p It's my ultimate guilty pleasure!

Below this 5 huge slices of char siu is rice, so it surely is filling! I do hate the fact that most of the char siu is fat instead of meat though..what about my diet? Lol!

Taste wise I personally think it's okay-ish. Could be better if only they're more daring with the flavor, since it is Jakarta. People here like stronger flavors and preferably spicier, they could add some sliced chili as well!

This set comes with salmon katsu, which I never heard before! I was really anticipating this but turns out pretty disappointing..I can't taste any salmon in this katsu. It even tasted somewhat like chicken(?) It doesn't have that crispy texture but a bit more mushy, maybe it's supposed to taste like that?

Steamed slices of beef combined with assorted vegetables over the rice, served in a unique bamboo basked served with salmon katsu, miso soup, pickles and dessert.

The same set as the one before, the only difference is that instead of pork belly, this one has thin slices of beef. Both have the same problem, too bland for our taste but the beef is tender, so it's not something a bit of salt and pepper can't fix!

I don't quite get why they made it this bland, maybe it's a standard and we were supposed to add some flavors ourselves? Well, all I know is that just a little bit of extra flavor could make this go a long way!

Smelt fish, cucumber and tamago rolled with mentaiko sauce and spicy mayo, topped with tobikko.

Totally ordinary! I expected it to be something more memorable, since it got mentaiko and spicy mayo, both of the best sauce in Japanese cuisine! And what is a smelt fish? I didn't know shisamo is called smelt fish..lol! Learning new things everyday!

Overall it was all okay-ish, which is really too bad, since it could all be superb with just a bit more kick! For the sushi roll, there are some good ones and others not so much..lol! If they improve a bit, I bet they'll be flowing with more customers!

Jalan Bandengan Utara No. 20
Jakarta Utara 11240

Opening Hours :
Monday - Saturday :
Lunch : 11:30 am - 02:30 pm
Dinner : 05:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Sunday :
All-day : 11:30 am - 10:00 pm


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