23 December 2015


Ready for your daily dose of caffeine? Well, we welcome to you, Goedkoop! Though this isn't a new place, since they've been here for the past 2 years but that's the one at Benhil, which is always crowded! For you design majors, you're probably very familiar with Benhil area because it's the heaven of 24 hours printing spot! Goedkoop is probably the only cafe in the area and their pricing is also very reasonable, so it's no surprise that they're always full!

However, the one we visited isn't at Benhil, nope, it's their new branch at Kebon Jeruk! This is a super good news to the people of West Jakarta, since there hasn't been that many good hang out spot here! They've been here since October and the exact location is next to FoodHall, which is next to Siloam!

Though it's not that spacey, it's still comfy and perfect for hanging out or having a meeting. They not only serve coffee but also main dishes, so it's an all-in-one! Another plus point is that they open from 8:30 am, so you can even enjoy a nice breakfast while enjoying your coffee!

Need some props for an Instagenic photo? No problem! They have these popular magazines ready to be used! :p

It's said that they specialize in Dutch coffees but I'm really sorry because I don't know what the difference is!

Espresso with vanilla milkshake, so it's like an affogato, which explains where the name came from..lol! If you're not a fan of espresso, just the vanilla milkshake is already good, since this is a proper milkshake with actual vanilla ice cream!

For the hot choco, it only costs IDR 22K. It's actually decent with a perfect level of sweetness. Too bad there's a slight minus point, the sugar they use is granulated. Now, I don't have any problem IF it dissolves perfectly, however it didn't, so when I took a sip, there's a crunchy texture on my ice chocolate..lol!

The iced thai tea will cost IDR 20K. Gotta admit that this is super good and with only IDR 18K! It's said that there's coffee in it as well but I don't really taste any coffee here. It might be a good thing or bad, depends on preference. There's condensed milk on the bottom, so be sure to stir it up, since that is the secret ingredient that made this perfect! This is my cup of heaven in this cloudy weather!

Scrambled egg, salmon, garlic bread, cream cheese.

Zalm is dutch for salmon, so no, it's not a new slang word for salmon..lol! They mix the salmon into the scrambled egg and the result is superb! Love how the salmon isn't fishy at all, though it could use more seasoning! Good thing they provided salt and pepper that I can add myself!

Even the garlic bread is perfect! I prefer it without the cream cheese though, cause I think it tasted like it's spoiled with cream cheese. But that could be just me!

Goedkoop special boiled noodles street style with egg, seaweed (nori), garlic, bean sprout, green onion and corned beef.

Can you guess what Indomie flavor they used for this one? Cause we surely can't! I thought it was 'soto' but my friend said it's 'ayam bawang'! Well whatever flavor it is, Indomie is always delicious! They upgraded it into gourmet by adding toppings like nori, poached egg, corned, and more! You can either have a normal one or spicy, in which they'll add chopped chili!

Grilled cheese sandwich with apple compote.

As you might have guessed, Kaas Toastje is dutch for cheese toast. Let me just tell you that this is absolutely lovely! The cheese in the middle has a pretty interesting texture that made me thought it was egg instead of cheese! This is totally a recommended pick!

What made them extra good is the cinnamon! Who doesn't love a good cinnamon?

I prefer to not use the apple compote though, I find it a bit bland and doesn't really go with the whole cheese thing!

Here's their outdoors! I didn't choose to sit here because it was a cloudy day and it could rain anytime. Wouldn't want to get soaking wet, since there's nothing covering the tables!

Overall I think this place is perfect for a nice coffee and snack time, not so much for proper meal. Why? Well because what I find superb is the toast and beverage!

Jl Raya Perjuangan 11
Taman Kedoya Permai
Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 08:30 am - 10:00 pm


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