22 December 2015


These past few weeks, I've been having this weird reoccurring crave for noodles! Be it Chinese noodles, ramen, ramyun, anything, so we decided to get a taste of this not so new noodle house called Miitem. From the name you could probably have guessed what they offer, yeap, it's black noodles!

Miitem is located at Kota Kasablanka, which explains a lot of why we didn't try it sooner. Yes, we didn't come here that often, since it's pretty far and there's not many new restaurants here. Though because we were gonna watch Hillsong's concert that was held here, we decided to fill our stomach at this well-known noodle house!

Actually there's a not-so-funny story about this. When we were scanning through the menu, we didn't quite find anything that interested us other than the tuna rica-rica, so we went with this safe pick. As we were waiting for our foods to come out, we scrolled Instagram for any other interesting dish and found this yummy looking dish with cheese sprinkled on top of them, yet none explained what it was and we could only wished that it was what we picked. In the end, it turns out to be exactly as we hoped!! Yeay! Well, it was good, a bit spicy, could use a tad bit more seasoning, but overall good!

Like most of you has probably known, we like to do a little bit of research on the restaurant we're going to try, so that we could easily decided on what to get. For this place, our target has been this tuna rica-rica from the start! Since we also loved a spicy tuna spaghetti at a certain restaurant, we figured this might be similar and we were right! Though it's a bit spicier than we expected, we just couldn't stop munching on it because it really is good!

The same problem with their seasoning, though this one was saved by the fact that it's spicy!

We didn't expect much from a cake at a noodle house, so we were totally blown away by this! It's seriously yummy. How the chocolate is really rich and doesn't taste like cheap chocolate was the first thing that impressed me! Next is probably how the cake definitely tasted like actual cheese and not just a cheese flavored sponge cake. The brownies in the middle and cookie base crust are also another plus point! Love it when the desserts are amazing!

I would be okay to come back here if I'm coincidentally at Kota Kasablanka but I don't think I'd come here especially for this. It's good and all but I just don't find it spectacular, except for their brownies cheesecake!

Kota Kasablanka
2nd floor
Jl. Casablanca Raya, Tebet

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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