24 December 2015


Well, it's not everyday that we went to fast-foods for a proper meal but seeing as we love chicken wings, especially with yummy flavors, we decided to head to Wing Stop at Kota Kasablanka! Wing Stop here isn't a new place and they actually have many branches already but since we were at Kota Kasablanka, we decided to give the one here a try!

The place is pretty simple. A typical fast-food restaurant and it's also not that spacey. They also surprisingly got an outdoor though, so it's not as boring as you think, plus it's still pretty comfy! Like in most fast-foods, you'll need to order at the counter and then take a seat, the waiter will gladly serve the foods to you!

Peach and apple.

Totally got blown away by this! We weren't really expecting anything out of it but it turns out to be very nice! Not only is it refreshing, the boba, which is a popping boba, goes really well with the drink and is absolutely decent! I'd definitely recommend this!

Choose any 2 flavors.

For this, they have 3 choices in terms of amount, the other 2 are 7 pieces, which costs IDR 48K and 10 pieces for IDR 71K. You can either choose this, which is the usual chicken wing or you can get the boneless wings, though I think the size is totally different! Love the fact that the chicken wing's pretty big with lots of meat!

They totally make the right choice in making this new flavor! Well, that might just be me, since I love glazed seasonings better than dry ones and from the 4 flavors we picked, this is the only one that's glazed! I'd definitely choose this one again on my next visit!

You can really taste the cheese but I really didn't taste any garlic. Guess maybe it was because the cheese flavor is pretty strong! Though I love glazed flavors, I do admit that there's a plus point in dry flavors as well, like the fact that it's more crunchy, so I'm leaving it all to preference!

Choose any 2 flavors.

Like I said before, you can clearly see the size difference! Yet this is pretty tempting, since you don't need to get down and dirty and pretty easy to eat but where's the fun in that, right? :p Oh, almost forgot to tell you that either this and the crunchy wings menu comes with a dipping sauce! You can either choose honey mustard or creamy ranch! There's also a cheddar cheese sauce but because the price is different, it's not included in the complimentary choice! :(

To me, this sort of tasted like barbecue, like the actual barbecue sauce. Savory and sour, though I do admit this is more sour than barbecue sauce and spicy too! It was okay but very plain and I don't think it will leave me craving for more!

Another okay-ish flavor! Tasted like how fried chicken originally supposed to taste like. Not bad, yet not memorable as well, which totally shows, since I'm at lost for words as to what to say about it..lol!

We'd prefer to eat these wings without the dipping sauce, since we think it's better without it. The honey mustard is still better than the ranch though, but we bet that the cheddar cheese would be amazing! Too bad it's not included in the complimentary choices, yet we can clearly see why!

Wing Stop
Kota Kasablanka Mall
LG, Unit L27
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88
Jakarta Selatan 12870

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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