19 January 2016


Heading out of Jakarta! Yeap, this time we went to somewhere a bit far and that is BSD, more specifically; the ever popular AEON Mall! We actually went here because we want to try this new dessert cafe called Del'Immo, so no, we didn't just unexpectedly found this. First found out about this place from Instagram, we immediately got interested with this place, especially their menu called Black Dandy!

Upon entering the place, we were directly greeted by all these yummy looking baked goods! If they're trying to tempt their customers by displaying all those goods there, they definitely succeeded!

As you can see for yourselves, there're a lot of various baked goods offered and all of them look very yummy! The price isn't that intimidating as well, considering how good it looks..lol!

Not only breads, they also offer some cake selections and you can even buy a whole cake for a birthday surprise! Since we're all watching our weight nowadays, we decided to not go overboard with these delicacies and so we didn't get any cakes this time, no matter how much we wanted to try them!

We were a bit confused on their originality, since they said that this is from Tokyo, Japan but the name definitely smell France. There's even a miniature of the Eiffel Tower here!

It is all chocolate. It is a pancake for chocolate lovers.

Such a guilty pleasure!! I'm not kidding with the guilty part! Can you guess how much calories this weigh?? So this is basically a pancake, the only difference is that they don't use the usual pancake batter but souffle cake instead! Not stopping there, they topped this with chocolate mousse and also ice cream, which is supposed to be chocolate but they ran out of it, so we got strawberry instead!

And that's not all of it! Drizzled with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with some chocolate powder, it's totally what I would call a beautiful nightmare..just look at that overwhelming mousse!

We totally didn't expect this to be another heavy sin..lol! Though we should've known, since it's a danish, which fyi uses a LOT of butter!! 1 bite of these and we were totally overwhelmed..especially since we had this after we ate the Black Dandy that we didn't even finish! :( Totally hate wasting foods but we need to..for the sake of our health!

Each of those layers are filled with butter, so how about you try counting those layers? :p

Our most refreshing choice, since it's not that overloaded with chocolate and very light. We shouldn't had got all 3 chocolate goods but most of them are chocolates and who doesn't love chocolates? Anyways, don't worry about us not finishing anything here cause for the breads, you can take them home, which is what we did cause no matter how light, the size here is pretty big, so I think the price is very reasonable!

Our savior!! And by the way, there's a pancake set here, so if you buy one of the pancakes with a choice of coffee or tea, you'll get a IDR 15K discount! I do recommend getting something light like this ice tea though, cause you're gonna need it..trust me!

For this smoothie menu, we were actually interested in getting the Choco Brownies one but seeing as we have ordered a lot of chocolates, we decided otherwise and got this mango instead! Another heavy one, super creamy and the ice cream definitely didn't help easing it. Usually this would be fantastic but after all those overwhelming delicacies, this feels slightly like a burden!

We totally recommend this place for a dessert lover, though we don't think we'd be coming here often even if we are dessert lovers, since this is just way too far. Well, we do think that when it comes to desserts, Japan does have the upper hand!

Del'Immo Patisserie and Cafe
Aeon Mall BSD City
Ground Floor
Jalan BSD Raya Utama, Boulevard Barat
Padedangan, Tangerang 15345

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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