11 January 2016


Okay, first of all, Happy New Year!! Sorry for the super late post.. How was your holidays? I hope you all had tons of fun! Anyways, the restaurant we're talking about today is not a newly opened but it's where we spent our Christmas lunch with our close friends. We don't really know why and it's not exactly a tradition but we always have a feast for all events on a rooftop restaurant! Well, this time it's at Hause Rooftop, which is located in MD Place at Setiabudi. Just type in MD Place in your GPS!

You can choose the outdoor or indoor here, which we, of course, chose the outdoor! There's a spot in the outdoor where it's still covered by a roof, so the heat's not too much but you'll still get a generous amount of natural light!

Love how the outdoor is like an actual outdoor rather than a restaurant with all the greens and nature, it looks like a backyard garden! You'd get a totally different feel between the indoor and outdoor, both are pretty though!

Infused with mint leaves, strawberries, and Sunkist oranges, this water is very refreshing! Totally impressed by how properly infused the water is, you know those ones that tasted like they've just inserted the fruits or whatever a few seconds ago but not this one!

Served with raw vegetables, spicy tofu and fragrant white rice topped with fried shallots.

You guys probably didn't expect us to get some Indonesians for our Christmas lunch but don't be mistaken! This is actually a specialty here and is super yum! Caution cause it's really spicy but you won't be able to stop once you've tasted it! Well, you can clearly see how intimidating the sambal ijo is!

Even the tofu is spicy..so this is just a plate of hotness!

Pepperoni, sausage, bacon.

PORK! Yeah! One of their pork dishes and I know it's totally overpriced but I guess I can let it slide, since it's pork..lol! It's actually pretty good but the price is still a bit too much. The thin crust is really crispy and it made this lighter! They're also generous with the topping, so it's actually a satisfying dish!

Mushroom patty in a whole wheat bun served with sweet potato chips and fresh salad.

This is actually supplied by Burgreens, which is a restaurant that focuses on healthy vegan dishes. You might not be interested in vegan dishes but this ones actually decent enough even for non-vegans! Come on, people, it's actually super cool to eat healthy! To me, this isn't really super delicious and whatnot but it's okay-ish and I think that's pretty awesome for a vegetarian dish!

Almost the same as the pork one, yet I still prefer the pork one. The creaminess made the crust a bit less crispy but the dill adds a bit of a nice scent. Both are delicious but pork kinda wins from salmon this time! :p

Perfect! Absolutely perfect! The superb combination of sweet and salty with a hint of bitterness from the chocolate! Love how the chocolate on top didn't taste like a cheap chocolate at all! Totally recommend you to try this!

Here's how the indoor looks like!

See what I meant by different feels? Well, this would be quite a nice place to celebrate an important date and I don't know what the place looks like in the evening but I'm telling you that your pictures would turn out lovely in the afternoon! Speaking from experience here..lol!

Hause Rooftop
MD Place Building
6th Floor
Jl. Setiabudi Selatan No. 7
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 00:00 am

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