21 January 2016


So, this is the first time ever that we've blogged about a non-restaurant!! Yeah! Why we decided to blog about this is because it's not just any product, it's a Healthy Bento, which offers frozen foods and instant seasonings, so we had to do a bit of cooking! Don't worry though, it's super easy and I bet that anyone could do it!

They have various choices for both the bento and seasoning, most are Indonesian foods! Here's what we got; Ayam Woku, Rendang, Sapi Lada Hitam, and Acar Ikan, for both the bento and seasoning. The bento is included in the frozen food category, so don't worry about it being spoiled before it got to you!

For this frozen bento, you can easily use microwave to heat it but since I don't have microwave, we decided to warm it up on a pan. You can really taste how healthy this! Read: tasteless..lol! Well, not exactly tasteless but because they don't use any MSG in it, it's less flavorful than our usual meal! The woku is a bit spicy but it's not something I can't take!

I don't know why but the rice is a bit crunchy, which I don't really prefer, since I like fluffy rice, like KFC's. For each bento, they have 2 types of veggies, this one's carrots and string beans, which both I have no problem with!

The name is the least interesting to me but I didn't expect it to taste good! Totally shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Well, as good as a healthy food could get, so don't really expect anything! The veggies for this is string beans and corns, which are both acceptable to me as well!

We highly suggest that each bite consist of all their ingredients to enjoy this to it's fullest capacity! Lol!

I'd have to say that this is my least favorite, since I don't really like the veggies and all of these frozen foods have a very generous amount of veggies per portion. Maybe it's because they're a Healthy Bento! Everything here doesn't have a strong flavor, so you can only count on their natural flavor, which means if the ingredients is not to your liking, don't expect you'll like it. Well, at least the meat is tender!

Truth be told, this menu got me questioning their whole brand. How could someone make a healthy rendang? Well, I guess that probably uses or doesn't use this and that, plus it does taste less flavorful, so it must be true? At least out of all, this was the most flavorful and love how they use corns and carrots, which are both naturally sweet!

The rendang's color totally fooled me!

For the price of these frozen foods you can check them out on their website. It only comes in packages though, so it's either 5, 10, or 20 meals and the price differs between the weight loss program and the healthy living!

Next will be their instant seasoning! We got 4 of these with the same flavors as the frozen bento. For these ones, we had to do a bit of cooking, so we asked some of our friends to help out!

Even though we had to cook, it's actually super easy! The steps are all written on the back of the box and since this is just the seasoning, you need to get some extra ingredients for it!

Let's try making rendang now, shall we? Though rendang is known to be a pretty complicated dish to make, Healthy Bento totally helped us out by making everything much simpler!

Here are some of the extra ingredients we got:
Coconut milk
And that's it! Yeap, it's that simple..lol!

Steps are also pretty easy! Since we're going to cook both Rendang and Woku that day, we decided to go with Rendang first because we need to slowly cook it to 2 hours! Okay, firstly, we only needed to boil the water, then put the meat in and also the Healthy Bento seasoning! Be careful when putting the meat, you don't want the boiling water to splash to your hand now, do you?

Don't panic when you see how the meat immediately changes color upon entering the boiling water! (Yes, one of us did that, since she didn't expect the meat to change color that fast..lol!)

Cook it for about 2 hours and do close the lid, so that it'll cook better! The water will reduce into this pool of gooey deliciousness! After it does, put in the coconut milk and stir 'till it boils!

You can also add a little bit of sweet soy sauce for a better color, since we thought that the color was too pale because of the coconut milk. The coconut milk and sweet soy sauce gave it a bit of extra sweet and savory flavor as well!

Well, this looks decent, huh?

Wanna give a quick shout out to our friend Aditya Christopher for the superb plating! Don't you just think that these look like something that came from a restaurant? Believe us when we say that we made these all at home!

The taste is actually different from the bento, maybe it's because of the coconut milk and sweet soy sauce. It's definitely way more flavorful! The beef is also really tender, which I guess is thanks to cooking it for 2 hours! All we could say is this was wiped clean in an instant!

Next we're going to make woku chicken! Let's see whether the woku will turn out different from the bento as well or not!

Ingredients for this on are:
Oregano leaves
We were supposed to get kemangi but we couldn't find it, so we got oregano instead! We also changed the sour star fruit to tomatoes. Yeap, cooking is an art, when something's wrong, all you need to do is improvise! :p

First step is to heat a bit of oil, be sure to put just a little bit, kay? We want this to be healthy, remember? Okay, after it's heated, you can put the chicken or any meat you got and cook it until it's half-cooked!

If you have veggies like us, be sure to put it later on, since you don't want to overcook you veggies or it'll lose all it's essence!

Then immediately put the instant seasoning and 100cc of water and mix it all well! You need to really mix them well, so there won't be parts left out with no flavor and the other over-flavored!

The reason why you need to put the seasoning while the chicken is still half-cooked is because you're going to simmer it for a little bit more! You won't want your chicken to overcook, right? Anyways, after it's well reduced, you can start with the plating!

Yeap, another beautiful plating by Aditya! Can't thank him enough for doing this for us, else we won't get all these pretty shots!

Turns out, the woku is also different! It's way more tasty but be warned that this is super spicy! Again, I'm still wondering if this is really healthy because you can see those oil coming out on the plate! But they did write in the composition section that they use organic coconut oil for this, so it should be fine, right?

By the way, if you're wondering how the 2 of us finish all these dishes, it's because we got some friends over for a little get together. They're our high school friends and we're truly grateful how we could still be this close with each other! We still often hang out with each other even after we went to different university and everything. Without even caring where we might go, we know that we won't mind the place as long as we could hang out with each other! :D Okay, enough of all this sentimental things, getting back to the topic of Healthy Bento, if you have a resolution that involves your body like us, why not try their catering? I think it will totally helps!

Healthy Bento
Mediterania Garden 2
Tanjung duren, Grogol
Jakarta Barat

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