31 January 2016


So today we're not talking about a restaurant but it's something that you probably are very familiar with, it's Panasonic! Well, not really Panasonic but an event that they held, which is a product demo and cooking competition. The event was on the 23rd of January 2016 at Atrium Mall Kelapa Gading 5 and it's about supporting the National Nutrition Day, which will help you learn more about healthy lifestyle!

Going on tour around this small bazaar, we watch some of the product's usage, which is demonstrated by the staffs where they make various foods and arranged them nicely too! We got to try this yummy and healthy dragon fruit juice from the blender corner! :p

Some of the appliances are what we're already familiar with, though there's 1 particular product that we've only heard of here and that is a bread maker! Yeap, it's a technology that helps you turn into a professional baker..lol! Not kidding though! Well, there's also a 14-in-1 rice cooker where you can cook 14 types of dishes just by using a rice cooker but it can't be more interesting than that bread maker, right?

See, told ya that the staffs arranged the plating beautifully! It might not be better than those fine-dining restaurants but at least it's on par. Their job is to demonstrate the Panasonic appliances but they took their job up a notch, so why don't we give them a bit more respect here!

A formal opening speech by an important person to signify that the event's going to be officially started!

Not forgetting that this event is about a National Nutrition Day, they invited some people to a talk show. These people are not randomly picked, they are DR. Dr Yustina Anie Indriastuti MSc., SpGK, Vice President of Indonesia Medical Nutritionists Association (PDGMI), Chef Lucky Andreono, winner of the 1st season of MasterChef Indonesia, Mrs. Andien Aisyah, the lovely singer who pursues a healthy lifestyle, and lastly, Mrs. Rika Novita, Product Manager Small  Home Appliances of Panasonic!

Seeing as a nutritionist is the person who explains about the healthy lifestyle, you can help but be more aware about it, right? Though we didn't fully understand about the theories, we clearly understands a lot more of how important having a healthy lifestyle is!

After hearing all the theories, it's time to see it from a practical point of view, which is done by the talented Mrs. Andien. She explained how she gets by everyday with her healthy lifestyle. What I remember the most is how she shares her experience about how she used to not understand about how to live a healthy lifestyle as well at first and thought that the more exercise you do, the healthier you are but that wasn't the proper way. Totally surprised when she said that being healthy is 60% food, 30% exercise, and 10% rest, so it's all in the food you eat! That definitely got us thinking more of what we put into our bodies!

Being a Chef means he's in control of what people will absorb into their bodies, which means he's also responsible of who eats his cooking, so Chef Lucky definitely pays attention to what ingredients he uses, making sure that the food he made will not get people sick, whether on a short term or long term! He definitely has a huge responsibilities, doesn't he? But since he loves his job, he definitely enjoys it, even if it comes with that responsibilities!

After that informative talk show, we moved on to a product demonstration by visitors! So this time, a few lucky people got a chance to try using Panasonic's appliance, which is the blender, for themselves! It was kind of fun to watch how these 3 lucky people was chosen to make their own juice, especially since 1 of them never made a juice at all in his life!

 They competed to make the most healthy yet delicious juice but in the end everybody got a prize, which is the blender itself! How lucky!

Well, can't forget that Mrs. Andien is still a celebrity, so of course everyone would like to have a picture with her, or just of her! :D

We did say that there'll be a cooking competition, right? Here are the 10 finalists, chosen from all over Indonesia! Why finalist? That's because their preliminary stages was held in October to Novermber 2015 where they have to upload their own recipe of Asian cuisine along with their creation to Panasonic Indonesia's Facebook account!

 50 participants with the most 'likes' will then move to the next round where 10 will be selected as finalists by the officials from Panasonic. These 10 finalists will now recreate their recipes using Panasonic's own product!

 Guess that is considered a handicap, since Panasonic's appliances have the most advanced technology innovation in food processing but there's always the fact that it'll definitely feel different not being in their own comfort zone!

The time given for them is 2 hours and during those times, credible experts in the culinary industry like Chef Lucky and DR. Dr. Yustina will judge their food processing, since the process also held a big part of determining the food's nutrients!

Did I mention that these finalists are not professional cooks? Well, that just proves the quote of one of my favorite cartoon, "Anyone can cook!", don't you agree? Though I don't know about you but if it was me, I'd be hella nervous if I had to cook with all these important people watching closely to your every move, so I think these 10 finalists are amazing to be able to do it!

Curious on who won? Well, the 3 winners are Ni Luh Ketut Sukarniasih from Bali, who earned 1st place, 2nd goes to Variando Wahyu from Surabaya and 3rd is Deddy Oktavianus from Palembang. Even more curious of what they won? It's a culinary trip to Singapore! Yeap, they got a chance to travel Singapore to try a lot of food..anyone else is as envious as we are? Congratulation to the 3 winners!

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