27 January 2016


Yet another new restaurant has opened at Pantai Indah Kapuk called Scoopz! I'm guessing this is a branch from Singapore, since their Instagram is @scoopzsg! Well, not only that but their website is Singapore based, so it's a no doubt. It's pretty easy to spot from the outside with all it's bright yellow color that you just can't miss! For their exact location, it's in the very end line of Shirayuki's, so it's right next to Food Plaza!

When we came here, there's actually no other customer, which I guess is because they're relatively new and not many have heard of them?

It was a scorching hot day and their ice cream definitely saved our day! Why? Cause not only is it ice cream but it's also SUPER GOOD! Not only that, the flavors they offered are also really unique, like avocado, soursop, even cempedak, and many more! If you're not that adventurous, they still have the usual, like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry though, so don't worry!

Though I wanted to be adventurous and chose a unique flavored ice cream, in the end I still got the usual strawberry..why? Only so that the color will be pretty..lol! Just imagine if we went with the soursop flavor, which is white, it'll just be seen as vanilla or durian flavor, which is yellow, it'll clash with the yellow fries! Truth be told, we kinda regretted getting this, since the fries was very plain. I can even make this better at home and for IDR 55K, it's definitely overpriced but I still think it's worth it because of the superb ice cream!

Why did I say it's superb? Well, it's because you'll feel like eating fruit instead of ice cream because of how rich it is with real strawberry flavor, there's even tiny chunks of strawberry in it! The ice cream also doesn't melt that fast, since they use a conducted pan like the one that Noizu Toku Toku uses!

They actually have some savory waffle menu but because their ice cream are so good, we decided to go with this one! This time we chose avocado for the ice cream and it's really too bad for those who doesn't like avocados, since this is incredibly delicious!! Not having any chunks of avocado in it like the strawberry ice cream, they still managed to get it to taste super rich in real avocado flavor! Yum!

The waffle really gives off a nice smell, though it taste very ordinary and it's not even crispy on the outside but I guess it's still acceptable. What really annoys me is the plating! It's such a waste of a good tasting ice cream!! If only they could make it look better, I think they'd be able to become a real scary competition!

Here's another example of not putting effort on looks. This black lava cake with black colored melted chocolate..wouldn't people be scared to try  it? Even though I can say that this is probably one of the best lava cake I've ever had! You've got a place in Pantai Indah Kapuk, which means you have a lot of competition around you, don't let this plating problem kill you when you're ice creams taste this amazing!

The outer of this lava cake is a bit crunchy and we chose cempedak flavored ice cream for this one! Though not many like cempedak fruit, to those who does like it just have to try this! I promise you that this is outstanding!

The only thing that we're not satisfied with in taste is the fries, other than that it's all good, which is why it's such a waste if they don't improve their plating! Please make it at least a bit more tempting and photogenic! Anyways, you just have to try their yummy ice creams, just go with only ice cream, cause that is what's really special here!

Scoopz PIK
Ruko Emerald no 31
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara

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