23 January 2016


Yet another new restaurant has appeared in Pantai Indah Kapuk! Well, this time is actually at Elang Laut area, which I admit has been getting more attention with the opening of more and more restaurant there. May we present Shiraku Soba! The newest soba shop in town..probably! :p

For exact location, this place is located in line with Itadakimasu. It's not that spacey and from the looks of it, this isn't meant for big groups, since the tables are only for 2-4 people! That doesn't mean you can't combine a table though, so it's not really restricted to small numbers!

It's like an absolute rule to have ocha in a Japanese restaurant! Lol!

Some condiments to compliment your soba!

After posting a photo of Shiraku Soba in Instagram, there's been a lot of you that asked about if this is better than Abura Soba. It's not really a surprised, since I was one of those curious people before I tried it for myself as well because if it's about soba, it used to always been Abura. Well, to answer that million dollar question, I can't really say which one is better for both have their own plus and minus! When it comes to portion, Abura has the upper hand, yet if it's flavor, Shiraku is much bolder with their seasonings. In terms of soba, I prefer Abura's texture though, I guess they used different types of soba. Anyways, reminding you that this is only my opinion, so I recommend you to try it for yourself to really find the answer!

Out of all the dishes in the menu, this one is the most expensive! I guess it's because they used AUS sirloin steak and I can't deny that it's superb! Even when it's cooked to well done, the meat is still tender and the teriyaki sauce is surprisingly in balance with the soba's seasoning!

You gotta mix the whole thing up immediately though, or else the soba will stick and it'll be hard to mix it well! Also, if you don't like those chives, you can ask them to remove it when you order!

Just look at that perfect egg! Yum!

Time for some pork! For this one, they used minced pork and it's spicy enough to me, yet my friend still asked for sliced chili..hmm! The soba's seasoning is also different for the previous one for this one's is spicier. If you looked at the menu, there're 2 chili markings on this one..yeap, not just 1 but 2! By the way, does anyone else think that the name just sounds so cute?...sorry, nevermind!

The egg is overcooked in this one! :(

Remember to mix it up well, kay?

You can say that this is their signature dish, which is ROAST PORK!! Yeah! There're actually 2 dishes that use roast pork, this and the Buta Miso Soba, the only difference is that this one's spicy. Don't worry though, since this one only has 1 chili marking and it really is less spicy compared to the last one!

It's a shame that the pork is too thin for me and it also made it a bit dry, still taste good though!

They also offer rice dish for those who doesn't like soba! And fyi, there's a free ice cream promotion if you share a photo of Shiraku Soba in Instagram and tagging 3 of your friends! You can choose strawberry, chocolate, or matcha, so don't miss out! :D

Shiraku Soba
Ruko Elang Laut Blok D No. 39
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara 14470

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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