22 January 2016


Got some good news for you people at Pantai Indah Kapuk! Finally a proper restaurant has landed itself at the ever-so-popular PIK. Why is it proper? Well, cause not only is the place very pretty, the foods awesome but the service is also the very best! Give a warm welcome for Sushi Sen, who is also in the same group as Ikkudo, Sumoboo, and Carnivor!

Located right beside BC Cone, this place has been given such an incredible attention right after opening! There's always a long queue and thank goodness we came here right at their dinner opening time, which is 5:30 pm!

Inside isn't too big nor small but just enough and I love their interior! It's all very Japanese-like with all the woods!

If you come alone or with only 1 partner, usually you'll be directed to this bar, which I do recommend, since you'll get to see how they slice up the sashimi and stuffs! This also applies when there are no tables left!

Here's their outer room that is right beside the huge window, so people outside could see right inside. I kinda feel disturbed by this fact but oh well, let's not mind the unimportant details!

See! Isn't it just so Japanese?!

To me, this is definitely an appetizer because of the 'cute' portion..lol! In their menu however, it's on the special menu section and I do admit that it does taste special! Totally worth the price, even if it's only 4 slices of salmon, avocado paste, ikura, and wasabi leaves for IDR 98K but the taste makes up for every penny! Can't really tell whether the salmon is fresh or not, since the sauce is just super strong! The sauce tastes tangy and refreshing though, and I think from the pretty color of the salmon, it has got to be fresh!

Like in most dishes, you have to eat the whole combination in 1 go to get their best taste! So be careful when picking it up with your chopsticks, you don't want any element falling over!

Yes, it's a bit hard to pick all the elements up in 1 go..just look at this..lol!

A must have item here! Even when we came here, most tables have this on their table. I don't really know why though, since I do think it's delicious, yet kinda lacks that 'wow' factor, maybe I should get some other toppings? The actual gyudon only costs IDR 88K, so this special topping, which is foie gras costs an extra IDR 65K or you can also get their uni (sea urchin) for IDR 70K, it was unavailable at that time, which is why we didn't get it. You can also request how you want your beef, we went with medium well, so the color looks like well done but the meat is still super tender!

Don't expect this to be filling though, since the portion's not that big. Even the foie gras is super small for a 'special' topping! We really wanted to get the uni, since we never tried it before..too bad!

I personally like this one, generous amount of wakame with a nice dressing, which I find amazing! I don't even know why considering it's just a typical sesame dressing. You can also get other dressings, which are wafu and house dressing, I recommend the sesame though, since it's nutty and tangy flavor really goes well with the wakame!

We do hope that Sushi Sen will last long in PIK, knowing that there are a lot of restaurant that didn't last in this area. Seeing how their foods are decent and from the long lines this place has, I think it will! Wishing them the best of luck then!

Sushi Sen
Rukan Crown Golf Blok B No. 1
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara 14470

Opening Hours :
Lunch : 11:00 am - 02:00 pm
Dinner: 05:30 pm - 10:00 pm


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