13 January 2016


Jakarta's been flooded by coffee shops nowadays! It has been a rising trend since last year and still going up. This time they headed North at Muara Karang! Called Wallstreet, which name is taken from a trading district in New York because the coffee shop itself is located in the same building as BNI Securities!

Starting out as just a small coffee shop, which is half the size of today's, they're not exactly new but they've just reopened after doing some renovation. The owner wasn't planning on continuing this business, since he didn't think he would be able to manage both BNI Securities and Wallstreet (yes, same owner) but one of Wallstreet's loyal customer didn't want to lose he's favorite place and offered himself to take over and that's how this place is still standing strong now!

Interior's pretty simple, either that or they haven't finished the whole renovation, since when we came here there's still a bit of obvious unfinished part of the room. They offer various selection of food and beverage, from coffees to non-coffees. It's the perfect place to hang around, especially if you're a BNI Securities' client as well!

Seeing the scorching hot weather of Jakarta, I wasn't really in a mood for a proper hot coffee, hence why I went with this choice! To appreciate the fact that we're in a coffee shop, I decided to have coffee and how convenient that they have this selection! This is perfect for the weather, though it's been raining these past few days..so it depends on the weather. Don't miss your chance to enjoy a nice warm coffee in this raining season!

Since they have a section devoted to chocolate drinks, we just had to give it a try and don't say that this doesn't interest you..come on, it's chocolate PRALINE, as a beverage! It actually tasted like chocolate pralines, don't really know how to describe it but it just does!

Didn't expect it to actually be this good! Well, it's not super good but it is decent. Though the portion is probably qualified only for a snack, the taste definitely makes up for the price!

At first, we preferred the Mac n Cheese over this but when we used chili sauce that they provided, we totally changed our minds! When this schotel is eaten with chili sauce, it's definitely way better than the Mac n Cheese but if you're not gonna use chili sauce, I'd recommend getting the Mac n Cheese!

We thought that this one is totally out of place! Out of all mains, only this one is supposed to be categorized as a side dish but is put into the same section. Plus, when we asked for a recommendation, they offered this mashed potato, which got us curious! Turns out super good and we now understood why they recommended it! Such a proper mashed potato, really fluffy and flavorful, definitely worth the try!

Got us slightly baffled..lol! We both thought that there's gonna be meat in this but it turns out the name said it all..it's literally only mushroom with rendang sauce! No wonder there's not much of a difference on the price with the others! The rendang sauce is actually delicious, too bad there's no meat!

Our least favorite choice..which we bet is a surprise, considering it has the most interesting name! We were also lured by the name Hershey's but why we said it's our least favorite is because we definitely didn't taste much Hershey's in it! Bummer!

It's really amazing how coffee shops are dominating Jakarta! Just in a few months and suddenly everyone in Jakarta is a coffee addict..we totally didn't notice it before! There's even another new coffee shop in the same neighborhood as Wallstreet! We saw it when we came here, the place is called Viverri and yes, it was the one in Pluit Timur residence before, they decided to finally opened up a proper coffee shop!

Wallstreet Coffee
Jl. Muara Karang Raya A 8 U No.23
BNI Securities building
Beside J-trust Bank
Jakarta Utara 14450

Opening Hours :
Monday - Friday : 09:00 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday : 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

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