18 February 2016


Yeah! Another decent new restaurant called Burgo has opened at Puri! Though this one's a bit isolated, since it's at Puri Mansion's shopping district and hard to locate from the main road, not only that but the place also lacks signboard! How we found out about the place, it's all thanks to good ol' Instagram!

I guess you can already guess from the name that Burgo specializes in Burgers, right? Upon entering, I was totally blown away by the super cozy atmosphere and somehow looks semi-fine dining, don't you think? But because we didn't expect this kind of place at Puri, we were definitely under-dressed!

Went here when it was still daylight, yet I don't really know why the photo turns out like it was taken at night. Maybe it's because of the lighting in this place?

To me this looks like the kind of place to have a few drinks, not just a simple dining place. Maybe it's the black couch? Anyone else agrees?

You'll also find some drawings of a cow, which I don't really know why, since they're not selling steak. Hmm..

Giving you a sneak peek of their menu because it's just so cute! It's the kind of design that is very popular nowadays, isn't it?

Look at these cutleries with attitudes..lol!

Of course, our ultimate beverages, Ice Tea and Lemon Tea!

Croutons, onions.

Honestly, this is the first time I've heard of a cheddar cheese soup. Usually it's just mushroom or pumpkin, etc and I rarely get soups in a restaurant but since this is a Cheddar soup, it definitely pokes my curiosity! Everything ended well as it turns out to be super good! It really does taste like cheddar cheese and if you like cheese, get this!

Even though it's rich with cheese, I'm glad that the texture is perfect, not too thick nor thin and it smells heavenly! I could even finish the whole thing myself, since it's not overwhelming at all because we all know how tricky it is when it comes to cheese!

Yes, though in most restaurants, fish and chips would be considered a main course, here, it's only a side. You can clearly tell just by looking at the portion of this, right?

Taste-wise, it's really nothing special. Not gonna say it's bad but not gonna say it's good as well!

Served with BURGO chili sauce.

There's really nothing special about this but because of the BURGO chili sauce, it tasted better! Well, nothing can really go wrong with fried chickens, though it is a bit tasteless..which is why you need the BURGO chili sauce!

Pork burger, grilled slab of mac and cheese, fried onions, smokey BBQ sauce.

It's PORK and it's YUMMY! Everything is perfect, from the top bun 'till the bottom bun..absolutely delicious! On top is an onion ring, followed by mac and cheese, and on the bottom is the yummy pork, plus the smokey BBQ sauce doesn't taste sour at all! Overall, it has a super balanced taste!

Though it's not truffle fries, it still tastes amazing!

I'd definitely love to come back, so that I could try all the other burgers they have, since I couldn't have on this visit because there's just the 2 of us. Bet that the other burgers would taste as lovely as the one we had! A little suggestion from me is to advertise the place more, since I feel like not many knows about this place, especially when you can't see it from the main road, which is a shame because the foods are actually good!

Rukan Puri Mansion Blok B No.19
Jl. Lingkar Luar Barat
Kembangan, Jakarta Barat. 

Opening Hours :
Sunday - Thursday : 10:30 am - 10:00 pm
Friday - Saturday : 10:30 am - 11:00 pm

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