28 February 2016


Yeap, another one has landed at Pantai Indah Kapuk! Anybody else noticed that our last 2 posts are also from PIK? Well, here's another one and this time it's Korean! Having been super popular in Singapore, they've decided to open a branch at Indonesia and they are Chir Chir! Their exact location is right next to Seorae. When we saw this new place, we immediately went in without noticing that there's a 'closed' sign on the door..how embarrassing!! What's weird though is that the staff still welcomed us and escorted us to a table but then as they gave us the menu, they told us that the place is actually not opened yet and that they're still going through a food test with the Singaporeans..whoops? Well, they're still willing to serve us anyway, which totally earned my respect! Because of this, the dishes are still incomplete, since there're still some ingredients that's not right. Don't worry though, you only need to wait until 29th February for everything to already be under control!

The whole design of the place is totally a cute with all those adorable knickknacks all around! Definitely an ootd photo worthy! XD

Chir Chir here sells mostly chicken, obviously..just look at the whole place and even their logo is a chicken! Lol! Even though it's chicken, don't expect it to be cheap cause even the cheapest main course here is IDR 119K! Below that price are only salads, fries, or drinks!

Refreshing and sweet Tok! Tok! mocktail (non-alcohol) made of green grape.

True to their description, this drink tastes sweet and it's carbonated. To be honest, I don't really know what's in this and when we asked the owner, he didn't know as well..lol! All we know is that it's sent from Singapore already in this state, well I don't really mind, it's refreshing after all!

Delicious cajun fried tenders on a bed of freshly chopped romaine lettuce, topped with special dressing and shaved cheese.

The portion of this is actually big enough for 2 people, at least that's how it is for us! Chicken's amazing, crispy, tender, and juicy, can't ask for anything else! Even the veggies are good and that's saying something, since I'm not a huge vegetable fan. Love how fresh these veggies are! I hope it's not just like this because it's still a food tasting session! Actually, they not only have savory salads but also fruit salad, which we intended to get, it's called Honey Grape Salad but too bad the ricotta wasn't ready! :'(

For the cutleries, they have this tongs with chicken feet shapes! Too adorable! :3

Half Original, half Garlicky.

Actually the price of the Original is IDR 149K but the Garlicky is IDR 159K. They said that it's a 2-people-portion but seeing it, I personally think it's enough for 3-4 people! This is the size of a KFC chicken and don't people only have 2-3 pieces?

I'm totally in love with this chicken! It might be fried but it's still hell'a juicy and totally flavorful! I do recommend eating the Original first though, since after tasting the Garlicky, you'll think that the Original lacks seasoning because the Garlicky has a really strong flavor!

Well, can't deny that the Garlicky tastes better and plus, the Garlicky comes with toppoki!

Chicken tenders, cashew nuts and garlic mixed on a nest of spring onions and topped with Chir Chir's spicy onion dressing.

These ones are boneless chickens and since I love onions, it's heaven for me! For those who doesn't like onions don't really need to worry though, because actually the smell of onions here isn't that strong but just to be safe, you might want to try other than this one!

To eat this, you gotta mix it all up and I love how good it smells! Plus the chickens are super thick! You just have to try this!

Juicy chicken tenders with cajun seasoning, topped with rich cream sauce and sweet salad. A delicious new recipe!

Another dish from the same category, so this one's also a boneless chicken and this is their signature dish! Truth be told, I'm not a big fan of this one because the chicken is dry unlike the ones before and the cream sauce lacks taste, the mashed potatoes as well. Really too bad but it might be because they're still not ready yet, I do hope they'll fix it when they do open officially!

Ta-da! Here's a portion for 2..lol! Before you say we're crazy, we want to justify that this is also too much for us! I even think that this is enough for my whole family! We didn't finish them but we decided to take them home and it's still good afterwards! The only downside is that they're no longer crunchy but taste-wise, still perfect!

Overall we're totally satisfied and will definitely come back to try their Roasted Chicken, which is not yet available because their roaster is still not working, and their Cheese Fries, and pastas! So sad that all their interesting dishes aren't ready yet! :(

Chir Chir
Ruko Garden House
(Beside Seorae)
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Pusat

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  1. The place looks so artistic and nice so as the food. By the way the name of the brand is also unique. That is the speciality of a good brand to be unique in everything.