26 February 2016


Found yet another piece of heaven on earth! This new gelato haven called Latteria, has decided to appear at the-ever-popular Pantai Indah Kapuk. Some people might confuse the place with a coffee shop because of the name but just fyi, latte actually means milk, whereas caffè latte is milk coffee, so the name isn't misleading!

I knew I was excited to try this but I didn't expect I'd be this excited! My happy pills definitely escalated upon seeing all the various choices. For someone who's adventurous, this place is definitely perfection and seeing as we are exactly that, you can clearly tell why we're overly excited about some ice cream, oops, I mean gelato!

Not only do they have numerous of flavor choices but they're also unique! You probably won't find these kind of flavors anywhere else. All the photos here only shows a few of their flavors that piques our interest the most! Don't worry though, they also have some classics like Rocky Road here, or Tiramisu, Pistachio, and sorbets!

Though there's no name for this one, it's got loads of caramel on it and caramel is always good! :p

They have 3 sizes to satisfy your cravings! Small will get you 2 scoops with a price of IDR 38K, medium has 3 scoops and costs IDR 50K, and large with 4 scoops will cost IDR 63K. Since we wanted to try almost everything, we ,of course, each got the large, so in total we have 8 flavors..lol! Yeah, we're that crazy about ice creams!

I'm not lying when I tell you that all of them are yummy! But if I had to choose 1, then it'll be Perfect Match, which consists of chamomile gelato with cherry! Actually, the Coffee Break's good too, so is the Rose & Jack, and the Ba Da Bing too! Man, I really can't choose, they're all good!

Lastly, we got to try this cake that is still coming soon. It's meringue something, sorry but I forgot what it's called..my bad! Truthfully, this is delicious but since we're overloaded with gelato, to have to eat this was really overwhelming!

So inside the meringue explosion is chocolate gelato! Yes, there's even gelato in the cakes!

I would definitely be coming back here often! It's a gelato bar with superb flavors and affordable price, who wouldn't want to come? Really thrilled that I've found yet another hang out spot to just enjoy a nice day with close friends!

Latteria Gelato and Dessert Bar
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No. 39
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara 14460


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