31 March 2016


Last time we shared to you the foods that we recommend trying in Bandung. Now we're gonna move to our second interest when we visit Bandung and that's NATURE! Yes, Bandung has been a quick getaway for us, since we're little and we just love how serene the city makes us with all the beautiful scenery and nature! We decided to share about this and not foods is because we figured that not everyone likes to go on a food marathon, so this are some alternatives to slip into your schedules while you wait for digestion! Lol!

This photo below here must be familiar to you who often visits Bandung. It's the scenery of Jakarta-Bandung's highway. Don't worry, I didn't stop the car just to take this photo but we did slow down a bit! :p

Pangalengan is actually the name of the area, so it's not this 1 particular spot. If you come to this area, you just have to look around you cause they're super mesmerizing! A lot of tea gardens but be aware that the road isn't as smooth. These photos below are taken right from the road! Since it's pretty deserted, you can just stop and snap! I'd suggest riding a motorcycle though, it'll be much more convenient!

Just look at this! You won't be able to find these in Jakarta! Well, you might but it'll be hard. Rather than high buildings, you'll find these kind of scenery all around you! I just can't stop snapping!

This here is still in Pangalengan's area! It's free to enter as long as you're willing to stop and park. Yes, you can take as many photo as you want here free of charge..go nuts!

Now this is more of a recreational spot, so you'll have to pay and a parking spot is also available. You'll feel very serene here and this bridge here is very iconic, since most will probably take a shot here! Downside of this place is that it's pretty far, 60 km from Bandung but just search it with Waze cause it's pretty accurate!

Similar to Pangalengan, Ciwidey here is also the name of the area. Guess what! This photo here is just right at the side of the road!! Ain't it wonderful? It's like a beautiful labyrinth where you can play around with friends and the best part is that it's free!!

You can go up this giant rock because there's a staircase and people are all lining up just to go up here! Well, mostly are couples to take a selfie and all I did was take a shot of myself..lol! :') If you don't want to wait in a line, you need to come around 5 pm where it's almost dark where the place won't be as crowded!

From that rock spot, you can also see a gorgeous sunset! You might think I'm weird but I really am motivated just to wait around on the sidewalk for that moment of sunset!

If you decided to visit here, you'll definitely went by the Kebun Teh Ciwidey before. This place is known for it's lake and you can also enjoy the sunset here but it was really too bad that when I came it was hidden by the clouds! You'll also get to see a pretty tea garden when you enter. Bandung is just filled with tea gardens, huh?

This is a camping spot! Yeap, there's a huge camping spot here that you can even use for a school event or something. We brought our own camping gear but if you don't own any camping gear, don't worry cause you can just rent them here! They offer sleeping bags and tents as well and you can enjoy watching the stars because they're really pretty from this place!

Since it's gonna be cold here, people will usually set up a camp fire after getting their tents done. Rest assured cause they also sell fire woods, so you don't have to go on an adventure to find some, plus they'll also help set the fire up!

Though it's the nature, it's not that traditional cause you'll be able to find some stalls that sell Indomie and snacks, so it's not really you against nature..lol! They also have public toilets but be warned that the water won't run at night, it's only available in daylight!

Be sure to check out the sunrise here! I love this place!!

Here's what the camping ground looks like!

Remember to bring your jackets cause it's gonna be very cold!

Here they also have a deer breeding place where you can see and feed the deer! It opens at 8 am, so be sure to come here at 8 am or you'll end up doing some illegal things like me just to get a photo of the deer..lol!

There's a lodging here where it's available for 2 person per room and it's without air conditioning, 'kay? Remember that you're here for the nature!

Here the photo spot with all the trees. Actually, you can only see trees but you can go down the stairs to find that perfect shot!

Go down and you'll find this spot and afterwards you can still go downwards!

Ta-dah! You've reached the bottom of this amazing spot!

You'll have to pay IDR 20K upon entering but you can exchange the ticket for foods! There's fried rice, fried noodles, and more!

A super photogenic place!! See all those cute houses? Yes, you can stay the night in it! The front of this resort is a bit confusing, since it doesn't look like a resort, more like a parking spot for buses, so don't be fooled!

People usually mistakes this for the house of hobbit in Bandung, which it's not! The house of hobbit in Bandung is only located in Farmhouse!

They also have a place for an outdoor adventure, like flying fox and others!

Hungry on your trip? No worries! They sell snacks like Tempe Mendoan (Half-cooked Fried Battered Tempeh) and Tahu Isi (Crispy Stuffed Tofu)! Very convenient!

The hit place in Bandung after Dusun Bambu! While Dusun Bambu is beginning to get forgotten, this place is just starting it's career! You gotta pay IDR 20K to enter but you can exchange the tickets for vanilla or strawberry milk or sausages and be warned that this place can get pretty crowded!

Farmhouse here will make you feel like you're in a foreign country! From the buildings and other elements because it's based of various countries traditional houses, like this one below is taken from Australia!

This one is a Hobbit's house from New Zealand!

Fyi, just to take this single shot, I had to wait on a line! Can you imagine just how crowded it is?!

Love locks like the one you can find in Korea!

Super cute sheeps!! Have a harvest moon experience here with all the background music and stuffs..lol!

Truth be told, there're a lot of photo spot here but because of how crowded it is, I find it super hard to take any photos! Just to get a shot without anyone in it will be a very tricky task!

You can find this inside Tahura Bandung (Taman Hutan Raya), so while enjoying amazing nature, get your stomach filled at this hit place! Where can you find other coffee shops inside the woods? Feeling pretty much like the Cullens right now! Haha!

The foods here are pretty much just snacks, like bitter balen, fried cassava, banana fritters, etc!

This isn't actually inside Bandung but it's pretty close and you can easily find it with Waze. My advice is not to come here in the afternoon, since it's gonna be super hot! You won't find that many shades to hide from the sun cause most of the things you'll find are rocks, so get there at sunset or right before sunrise!

The first ever popular spots in Bandung! Maybe Bandung already has a lot of pretty spots from a long time ago but has never been this virtually exposed!

To get here, you can either walk or ride a motorcycle. Me? I totally chose the motorcycle..lol! The driver will even wait for us while we explore and will escort us back! Wohoo!

Presenting the photo spot here! Everyone that loves a good adventure will definitely go down to this rock just for a photo! Don't worry, there's a rope to get to that rock but be mindful to not go there too early cause the fog will be too thick for us to see anything!

Here you can enjoy dining while seeing the nature, it's killing 2 birds with 1 stone! Why is it called floating market? Cause the foods are sold literally on the water!

Of course the foods is traditionally Indonesian!

Some fried cassavas.

Meatballs and chicken feet.

Fried potatoes.

And mini martabak!

You probably have known this place all too well already, so we don't need to explain that much. It's been pretty popular since a long time ago, right? It's an absolute that this place made it to the list!

The super mainstream recreational spot..lol! You probably have visited this place at least once when you're still at school, cause this was my all-time study tour spot in my school! There're a lot of snacks here, from fried foods to eggs to be boiled in the crater! They also have these masks for your feet made of the mud of the crater!

Well, I hope you find this list useful and tell us about you're own list of recreational spots! What do you think? Did we miss anything? Let us know on the comment below! See you on our next post! :D


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