21 March 2016


Have you ever seen this super cute place called the House of Hobbit at Pantai Indah Kapuk? Yes? No? Well, we've already noticed it from some time ago but we totally didn't think that this was a restaurant! I thought it was an escape room game. Only after discovering this place at Lakupon did we know that this is a restaurant..lol!

I don't know about you guys but I totally fell in love with the interior! Fine, maybe it's because I'm a fantasy freak but just see for yourself! Don't you think that it's super adorable?

At first, I thought that it doesn't have anything to do with the actual The Hobbit movie but as I looked into it more, it's official that they're definitely inspired by the movie! Why? Because not only do they have portraits of the characters hung on the walls, the menu book also has bits and pieces of the story! Yes, each dish has their own background and stories that you can read from the menu book!

By the way, this place is also one of our recommendations at Lakupon! For those who didn't read our last post might be confused but we're featured by Lakupon and you can check out the spots we recommended at their website!

Different from Sushi Kiosk, which is a package deal, for House of Hobbit, they offered a voucher value, where you can get IDR 100K money value for only IDR 60K! The perks of this voucher is that unlike the package deal, you can choose any dish you want!

Here's what we got;

Loved it! Tastes very rich and I love how they use this super cool mug, with their emblem no less! The marshmallow is also perfectly melted because of how hot the chocolate is, so be sure to be careful!

Definitely a guilty pleasure! This beverage, yes, beverage, not dessert, is filled with awesomeness! It's even better than the hot chocolate with that ice cream in all its glory there! There's also a strawberry version of this but where's the fun in that? Lol!

Pizza with bolognaise sauce, beef, sauteed mushroom and mozzarella cheese.

From the start, what the waitress recommended here is this pizza! They kept insisting that we get the pizza, which turns out to actually be good, though it's pretty simple. Something you can share and enjoy!

Garlic bread, smoked beef, beef sausage, egg, potatoes, red been sauce, cheese.

Nothing really special other than its variety in one plate. What I like the most is probably the smoked beef because of the salty kick..lol! The potatoes were a bit undercooked, which is really too bad, since their seasoning is already good!

I'm suspecting that this place will turn into a photo spot because of how unique the interior is! Be warned that it's pretty dimly lit inside, since it's how a hobbit house is supposed to be, with the small windows and all! Well, I might think about taking a few shots myself here..lol!

House of Hobbit Grill and Bar
Jl.Mandara Permai VII
Ruko Metro Broadway Blok 6 Unit KM
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara


  1. oh wow, i had not seen it before but im really excited about it now. Reminds of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Im a big fan of habbits. So this is a must see for me.

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