28 March 2016


Went down with a fever few days ago and right after I got better, I immediately went out to get food..lol! Not really unintentional though, cause we did have an appointment to meet and eat at this newly re-branded restaurant called Ted's Bistro at Tanjung Duren. It used to be called Serassa but decided to change the look to be more young and hip with Westernized cuisines!

Their exact location is next to Cafetaria and pretty easy to find actually. Just look for that big black sign..lol! Now, even if they have changed their menus and everything, the interior still feels very Java, though I'm not saying it's bad, it's just a bit mixed! Fyi, the place is not this white, it's actually pretty yellow, since the lights here are all yellow lights!

Being another one of our featured in Lakupon, this place also has some offers that you can get from the website!

What they have here is a portion of Ted's Bistro's beef sirloin, chicken, sausage, seafood satay, and sides in 1 plate for only IDR 129K!

Ta-da! Here is what it looks like! Though it's not as much as we expected, it's a great chance to try their dishes, since you got various of things in a plate!

For the sauce, you can either choose mushroom or black pepper. We chose the mushroom sauce here! Their foods are actually not bad, I especially love their sausage. The sirloin beef is also very tender as long as you don't get to the tendon, yet it's very thin for a sirloin. Well, they did say it's only 100 grams but still!

Key lime sauce with butter rice and saute mix vegie.

Now this is not included in any of the Lakupon deal but because there're 2 of us, we decided to get another and try the salmon while we're at it! The butter rice's nice, though not very fragrant and the salmon is cooked well. Nothing more and nothing less!

Ted's Bistro
Jl. Tj. Duren Raya No.Kav 5-9
Grogol petamburan
Jakarta Barat

Immediately going to our next spot which is located at Central Park Mall, it's Palem Cafe! Yes, we went to these 2 places at the same day, it was right after I got better too..the things we do for food..lol!

Palem Cafe here is located inside Sogo, so be sure to look for it there! When we came here, the place was way too deserted! Is it because of the air condition problem Central Park is having lately? But the staffs even said that it's an everyday thing, so I guess we just have to see for ourselves then!

Lakupon has 2 packages for Palem Cafe here! Package A is suitable for 2 people, cause you'll get 2 pasta and B for 4 pasta, so the only difference is literally just in the amount!

You'll get a special menu if you're using Lakupon where you can choose from 10 (if I remember it correctly) sets. They actually have 2 different soups, pumpkin and mushroom but they don't have the pumpkin for that day, so only mushroom..bummer!

What it lacks is seasoning! Other than that it's already fine, you can really taste the mushroom and the creaminess is good, just way too bland! Good thing there're salt and pepper on the table!

For the 4 pasta, we chose set number 9, which is Spaghetti Vongole, Spaghetti Katsu, Fusilli Bolognaise, and Tagliatelle Katsu. Same problem here, bland! I think the kitchen forgot what salt is? There's really almost no taste at all and it's not because I've just recovered, since all of us agreed on that! They really need to improve their seasonings if they want customers to start flowing in!

Well, at least their dessert is good, though it's only crepes with caramelized banana and ice cream. Can't see anything going wrong with that, lest they forgot the sugar as well..lol!

Well, I guess I understand why they're not receiving much love. They do need some serious check up on their quality control or at least try to make their dishes a bit more tasteful? Improving a bit on the service quality can't hurt as well, seeing as their service was still a bit messy. Best of luck!

Palem Cafe
Central Park
1st Floor, SOGO
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 09:45 pm


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  2. Only downsides here was that I’m not sure if they were expecting such a crowd as they did not have nearly enough servers and sometimes it would take a really long time for service guy to come. But at event space NYC they tried to keep a smiles on their face.