18 April 2016


After some Korean from the last post, we're sailing to the neighboring country, Japan! Wished that it's for real..but alas, we could only sail through the cuisines in Jakarta..lol! We went a bit further to Melawai with some friends just to get some authentic Japanese foods, since there's a lot of it here! This time we chose Marufuku and yes, we already tried some other Japanese restaurants here and usually it's good, so we didn't hesitate to try other new ones!

As always the interior is a simple typical Japanese restaurant but it gives more impact as an authentic Japanese restaurant! You'll really feel as if you're eating in Japan! They even have the open bar spot where you can see how they prepare the sushi and sashimi!

First, you'll be served this pickled thingy that I don't really know and not dare to try except for the square gelatin. Yes, that's somewhat like a square jelly, go try it and find out!

Grilled bone in short rib and garlic.

Amazing tender beef with superb seasoning! Though it was a bit overpriced considering the portion, I guess it's because of the meat quality. Don't be scared of the color, it's not raw, I think it's even a medium well!

Grilled salmon roll.

Good but nothing really special. Was expecting a torched aburi sauce on top but turns out it's only salmon and I don't really think it's torched. Well, it's not that it's bad, just not worth the price!

Can you see what's inside? Well, you probably could have guessed, right?

Assorted sashimi rice bowl.

Super good and super recommended! I'd definitely suggest you get this instead of their sushi, it's much more worth it! Especially since all their sashimi here is incredibly fresh and you get all various of items, so this is just a bowl of heavenly goodness! An absolute must try!

A complimentary coffee jelly with condensed milk for desserts! Just something to sweetly end your dining experience! :D

Marufuku Japanese Restaurant
Jl. Melawai 6 No. 11
Blok M, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12160

Opening Hours :
Monday - Friday : 11:30 am - 00:00 am
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

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