21 April 2016


Like we said before on our last post, we've been quite interested in coffee shops more nowadays and we even found this hidden gem! Can't really say that we 'found' this but we've never really heard about this place before and while browsing for interesting places in the South, since we were in that area, we stumbled upon this pretty spot at Kemang, Nolita Coffee & Comfort Food!

The reason why we called it a hidden gem is also because when we came here, it was pretty deserted..like 'we're the only customer' kind of deserted..lol! Too bad though, since I personally think the place is comfy enough and super photoshoot worthy! Yeap, 1 of us even had an OOTD moment here if you followed both of our Instagram! :p

Can't really say that the place is small, especially seeing as they have a second floor, which leads back to why I said too bad! I think this place needs to improve their marketing cause I bet people would love places like this! I would as well, if it were not so far from home!

Yes, the name is Nolita Coffee & Comfort Food..guess that they really wanted to highlight that they offer comfort foods. Well, since it's a first, we guessed that it would be interesting!

Milk foam, steamed milk, chocolate, espresso.

At first sight you'll definitely doubt whether this is mocha or not, since the color doesn't show any signs of chocolate whatsoever! After tasting it though, you'll then find hints of chocotale in it. Kinda disappointed that they're pretty stingy on the chocolate!

W/ butter and maple syrup.

Great fried chicken, not so great waffle. Love the crispy and flavorful chicken but the waffle's a bit lacking, both in texture and taste! Though it's not really that bad when you add the maple syrup or whipped cream but not with the butter. I was expecting the butter to at least be salty or sweet but it's not, so it doesn't really help the waffle!

W/ toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream.

So good!! Don't expect this to be a pudding though, cause it's more of a cake and it's very sweet, especially with the toffee sauce! Eating it with ice cream whether it's still warm or not is both enjoyable!

This wall is so artsy and great photo spot! The only problem is that it's located outside of the building and at that time, the weather was scorching hot, so I didn't really want to be outside for long! If it wasn't that hot, I bet I would've snap a few OOTDs here..lol! Maybe next time!

Nolita Coffee & Comfort Food
Jl. Kemang Utara No. 16 C
Jakarta Selatan 12730

Opening Hours :
Everday : 08:00 am - 10:00 pm



  1. Yep.. i agree with the pretty place! but my 1st (and i think going to be my last also) visit there was hooorrrible... their waitresses were such a disappointment. Very bad service even thou when i came, the resto was practically empty.

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