16 April 2016


Ever since I've started working, my time is a bit limited because I only get 1 day off. Which is why each time I get a day off, I'd go with my friends for restaurant or cafe hopping! Our target is usually either new ones or yummy ones and this here is the result of it. Noodle King is a pretty new restaurant at Pantai Indah Kapuk, exact location is right next to Shirokuma. and what interest me here is their Jjangmyun!

See this below? Nope, this is not what we ordered..lol! These are only dummies! Can you believe that? Looks pretty real, huh? Well, as you can see, the Korean cuisine they offer here is not the usual grilled foods hence the name Noodle King!

As always, Banchan is a must at a Korean restaurant and Kimchi is a mandatory Banchan!

Steamed noodle with sweet flavored black bean paste.

Ta-dah! Here's what we've been waiting for!! Our reason of coming here! There's not many restaurant in Jakarta that offers Jjangmyeon and I think I've tried almost all that has this. To me, this is the best out of all of them! It's definitely a must-try if you love Jjangmyeon!

Better eat it while it's hot to get the best taste!

Deep-fried pork cutlet, served with special sauce and salad.

Kinda surprised that the price is higher than the Jjangmyeon, especially considering the portion but I guess it's because this is pork(?) It's good though, a bit too thin but good nonetheless. Can't really be bad, since it's pork anyway..lol!

This also comes with a Jumokbap, a Korean rice ball and it's yummy as well!

Grilled chicken in spicy Korean sauce, topped with melting cheese.

Another reason we came here! Yes, whoever could resist those sexy melted cheese?? Careful cause it's a bit spicy! What didn't satisfy me here is the portion and amount of the chicken! You might think that this is big from the plate but it's actually not that much, especially considering the price! Nevertheless, sometimes I wouldn't mind burning some extra cash for this alluring cheese!

For the question of whether we'd come back, I guess we would but only for their Jjangmyun and some occasional Cheese Buldak..lol! Might try other menus though, since it does look good from the dummies!

Noodle King
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok A No. 31
Right next to Shirokuma
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Pantai Indah Kapuk

Opening Hours :
Monday - Friday : 11:00 - 09:30
Saturday - Sunday : 11:00 - 10:30

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