30 April 2016


So last time we went to an interesting event that introduces us to Australia's fruits! As you know, there are fruits that can't be grown in Indonesia because it needs 4 seasons, so they're imported from overseas and Australia offers some of the best quality fruits, which means it contains the best nutrients and also taste. The reason this topic is brought up is also because Indonesians have nowadays realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle! We also notice that from how a lot of granola and muesli related meals have been popular as well!

We were taught by these 3 amazing people, Mr. Brett Stevens, Mr. Jansen Ongko, and Chef Yuda Bustara! Mr. Jansen is a nutritional expert and he opened our eyes to some false dieting facts! Like how 'diet mayo' is not actually healthy and how there's a lot of diet that avoids fruits because of the glucose. Yeap, those are all false! What's true is that you need fruits and every day you need to consume 3 to 4 different colored fruits because each fruits has different benefits! 

Mr. Brett explained how Australia has world class fruits because of how clean and cultivated their farms are and their government also has a strict policy of using only approved products. Another reason why Australia imported fruits might be a good choice for Indonesians is because of the close distance between Australia and Asia, the delivery time is also very short causing the fruits to be able to be harvested in their peakest time before being shipped!

And last we have Chef Yuda to teach us how to be creative on consuming our fruits because it's just way more exciting..lol! Here' some fun facts that you need to pay attention to when processing your fruits! Don't overheat it 'till it changes color cause the vitamins will be destroyed! It's okay to bake your fruits but deep frying it is a no-no! After processing, be sure to consume it immediately or else throw it into your freezer! There's no 'best time' to eat fruits, you can enjoy it anytime, anyday, after or before anything, though keep in mind that fruits also has carbs!

First dish is called Baked Australian Pears with Creme Anglais! For this dish, you need this special Australian pears, which is very sweet! Just drizzle them with maple syrup and water then pop it into a preheated oven 'till soft!

Then there's the creme made out of milk, vanilla beans, egg whites, and sugar!

Let me tell you that this is just superb! We could even scoop up the pear with a spoon because of how soft it is and the sweetness of the pear is just the best, especially when paired up with the creme! Yumm!

Know what these are? These are stone fruits! What are they? They're fruits with rock hard seeds, like plums, peaches, and nectarines!

To cut these, first you gotta remove the rock hard seeds like how you remove avocado seeds! There are seeds that are harder to remove than the other, so be very careful!

After slicing them up, the next recipe would be Australian Nectarines and Plums with Soft Cheese and Toasted Almonds!

This dish is much simpler but more pricey, since the soft cheese is made of feta and riccota cheese, which are both pricey! Not to mention the Australian berries. Mix them up together and put the cheese on the side and drizzle it with honey, then sprinkle some toasted almonds!


Next up is something greener! Australian Peach with Rocket and Buffalo Mozzarella Salad! This one taste more savory and bitter rather than the other 2. Surprisingly we could still enjoy this even though I usually hate rocket or rucola because of how bitter it is! The table grapes, buffalo mozzarella and peach definitely plays a big role here, especially after drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar!

Well, did this help you in any way with your healthy diet? We sure hope! Remember that it's best to consume fruits every day and be sure to check their quality because fruits that has sat on the refrigerator for months can't be good!

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