30 April 2016


Before we became a blogger, where we eat depends on what area we're in but now is the other way around. We always decide where to go depends on what restaurant we wanted to visit and that is why we finally set foot on Lippo Kuningan! Yes, we've never been here before and even just knew about this building..lol! Located right next to Setiabudi One building (where St. Ali is located) and we're able to made it there safely because of GPS haha!

The place we're visiting is called Pokenbir, which I'm guessing is actually pork n bir..lol! Well, fact is most of the menu they offer here is pork! The exact location is on the same floor as Foodmart and it's pretty deserted. It's to be expected, since it's the type of restaurant that is not exposed. We found out about this place from Ivy's blog and after reading her good response, we decided to give it a try!

The interior isn't like those hits places but more of a comfy and homey and it's pretty dark here, so be warned! When I came here the place is already 80% booked, good thing we're only 2 people, so we could still get a table even though it's on the way far end! :')

It's almost like a tradition to accompany pork with beers, especially for Germans! You can see that clearly from Paulaner, Die Stube and now this! You'll find lots of beer bottles all over this place!

From the plating, you won't find this appetizing at all and I guess this restaurant doesn't really pay attention to their plating. What they do pay a lot of attention to is however, is the quality! I can guarantee that each item in this plate is all delicious! So in this is 3 types of pork; pork belly, pork with betutu sauce, and thin slices of deep fried pork. Yum!

Well, don't expect the same taste like the ones in Bali but who cares, it's yummy! The chili is also different, whereas in Bali is much more spicy than this, maybe because it's already adapted for Jakarta!

They aren't kidding when they say it's complete! Pork satay, ham, pork belly, and deep fried pork, even the fried rice is mixed with bits of ham. Smells super nice with satisfying portion!

At first, I was a bit underestimating this dish, thinking that some might taste good but some might fail miserably, especially when it comes to french fries. Usually fries that looks like this will be a bit tasteless and mushy but how wrong was I! It's super crispy and tasteful!

Here you'll also get pork bellies, difference is the pork belly here is a bit thicker than the ones before. You'll also find 2 types of bacon here; the sweet caramelized one and salty buta miso one!

Even the satay is superb! There're 3 sauce choices; chili sauce, mustard and soy sauce with chopped chili but I recommend to not use any of the sauce for the satay cause it'll overwhelm the original satay flavor, which is way too bad cause it's already good as it is, tender too! Just perfect!

When you taste something good, you won't be able to stop munching, thinking that there's no such thing as too many good things. Let me tell you that I believe I could finish this platter plus rice alone! Lol! Yeah, my portion is definitely not of a girl! :')

Lippo Kuningan Building
G Floor
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav.128
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 09:30 pm

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