23 April 2016


So who's in the mood for some seafood?! The seafood we're talking about today isn't the usual ones though, since it's local's and more of a traditional family type of seafood. Where we had it is at Puang Oca, located at Lapangan Tembak, Senayan!

I personally think this would be the perfect place for a family dinner cause the foods are more of a traditional kind that everybody will love! Obviously specializing in Makassar's cuisine, which is literally written on the sign board. The place is also pretty simple and old-fashioned, just the type of place that our parents would frequent to! Fyi, there's also some VIP rooms that you can get into with a minimum purchase and there're ones with karaoke machines that we can use..lol!

So pysched that they have STMJ here! For those who don't know, it's a combination of condensed milk, egg, honey, and ginger. A great herbal beverage to soothe and warm you up! Fell in love with this from the first time I tried it!

These are their speciality drinks that you just have to try when you come here! Their Healthy Juice and Barley Choco for the thirst-quenching colf drinks!

And Kopi Jendral for the hot ones! This here is actually coffee with sweet egg foam on top of it! Unique, huh? Which is why you gotta try it!

When it comes to Indonesian food, sambal is a must! This Sambal Mix is Makassar's special signature when it comes to seafood and another perk of this is that it's free!

You can either use it individually or you can mix it up. I personally prefer to mix it all up to get that burst of flavor sensation!

A crispy way to start your meal! This could either be an appetizer, snack, or side dish and everybody would definitely love it, I mean, who wouldn't like a decent fried foods? It comes with a dipping sauce but I prefer to use the sambal mix for this!

It's your first time hearing the name? Yeah, me too..lol! I don't think I've ever tried it as well, since it's actually a rare breed from Makassar. The taste is definitely unfamiliar for me. There' a hint of bitterness in this but it's not something the sauce can't fix! Again, I'd dip it to the sambal mix instead!

This serving is only for photo purpose, it's not really served like this. Usually they'd put the fish inside the soup like how normally soup dishes are served, so don't be misleaded! This tumeric based soup is pretty tangy, which will freshen up your meal when paired with other heavy and oily dishes! Plus rhe fish is already boneless! Who can ever deny a boneless fish? I know I can't!

Yes, this is a very traditional dish but it's either you love it or you just hate it. For us, we personally hate it with passion..lol! Well not really but it's just way too bitter for us and that's all we can taste from this and we won't be having a second bite, thank you very much! :p

It confuses me to no end of why people would cook prawns with it's skin still intact! Because all the sauce will be on the skin that you're going to peel of and you'd be left with almost no sauce on the meat and you need to get your hands dirty as well! Why not just cook it without the skin? But anyways, I'm glad that in this case the meat surprisingly absorbs the sauce well, so even the meat os pretty flavorful and fresh too!

This is definitely my number 1 favorite here! If only eating crabs isn't a very hard and inconvenient thing to do, I think I can even finish this of by myself! Oh the cholesterols...lol! But seriously, this is a must have item here!

Guess this would be my number 2. Cooked with sambal rica, also known as 1 of my favorite sambal. The fish also has that perfect not too soft texture for the rica! Total love! Be warned that it could get a bit hot though!

Something to help you cool off the hotness from the dish before! :p Nothing says Indonesian cuisine without a nice shaved ice dessert! A dessert filled with ice, syrup, jelly, and bananas is sure to be a sweet ending!

So, do you think you can picture a nice family dinner here? We know we can! Most of the dishes here is definitely something that'll suit most of us Indonesian's taste! Especially for those traditional seafood loving people! Though the price might be a bit over the budget but the quality here is surely promising!

Puang Oca
Jl. Gelora Senayan
Lapangan Tembak Senayan
Jakarta Selatan 10270


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