30 April 2016


Hello from the 56th floor!! :p Just so you know, SKYE here is 1 of my favorite rooftop dining spot because it's pretty spacey with a great pool and an amazing view whether in the night or day! Well, we realize that there're a lot of rooftop dinings in Jakarta but not many has a view as cool as this!

Went to their lounge for lunch and it's like we're in an oven! Well, you know how Jakarta's heat can be..and here it's all in the open without any aircon, so we'd suggest coming here at night when the lights are all lighted up! If you still insist on coming to SKYE at noon, it's better you choose the restaurant because it's indoors. If I remember correctly, for the lounge you need to be over 21 years old 'cause when I was still in university, I remember coming here and being asked for my ID and was not allowed in..now however, I could easily get pass...I feel old!! :'(

Here's the restaurant!! Even though it's noon, there's almost no customer, only 3 tables are filled, and 1 of them is ours! The other 2 is filled with foreigners!

When it comes to interior, there's nothing you can doubt from SKYE!

Look at these shiny wine rack! Makes you want to just grab 1, doesn't it? There's a wide range of choices as well, as expected from Ismaya Group!

That's my table there on the far end! :p

I just have to show you this amazing view from where I sat! Superb, huh?! What's even better is that, even though we sat near the window, there's no trace of heat at all! Makes you wonder how thick the glass is, doesn't it? Lol!

Other than looking at the rooftops of Jakarta's houses, there's 1 other view that you wouldn't wanna miss...it's the chef! :D Ain't he cute? Hate to break it to you but he's taken! It's out of topic but there's a super sweet story about him. Before coming to work, he always brings his kid to school first and at 3 pm, he'll go bring his kid home then comes back to work..so sweet!! The names's Hamish Lindsay and other than SKYE, he's also a chef at Gia and Social House!

Soo..let' get started with why we came here and that's the new menus created by the chef himself! SKYE used to be gossiped about how the food doesn't taste as great as the view but after replacing the chef, almost everything on the menu is changed and improved! Check them out!

The first thing that came to mind upon seeing this is Akira's tuna pizza! Who's with me? Well, the texture is very similar to Akira's tuna pizza but you can't really compare the taste cause it's 2 different type for this is sweet and spicy, plus the sauce is strong!

I personally like this and this is my 2nd slice..lol!

Be warned that you have to eat this immediately or else the cone will become all mushy! Inside this is a super fresh raw tuna with wasabi cream. Don't worry though cause it's not the strikingly spicy kind!

A super cute mini burgers! Probably takes only 2 bites and this is definitely the safest choice in all of the new menus! Only fried chicken and yet again accompanied by yummy sauce!

Another safe choice, yet incredibly delicious! Super tender ribs that you can even cut it with spoon! There's also a yorkshire pudding on the side to complete the dish!

To get the best taste, you need to put every components in 1 bite, which includes the pudding and green pea!

Here's our favorite dish!! The most daring and bold taste, just the way we like it! Yeap, I think I myself ate half of this, though it's supposed to be shared for 6 people..lol! Whoopsie~

Love how fresh this vongole is! You can't even smell that strong clam stench, maybe the lemon helped a lot! The pasta is also al dente. Everything is just perfect!

Super bold flavor that even I think it's better to eat over rice because of how strong it is. To me, this tastes very Indonesian for some reason, maybe it's because of the strong and bold flavoring!

Just by seeing how there's a rice accompanying it, you can probably tell how flavorful this is going to be! What's weird is that even though the others said that the lamb shank doesn't smell bad or have any bad after taste at all, I could still smell that strong lamb smell. Maybe my nose is just way too sensitive!

Can't really say this is to my preference because even though the taste is good and the meat is super tender just like the ribs, the smell really annoys me!


Inside is a very fragrant blueberry panna cotta with red wine and strawberry sorbet, yeap, you read right..it's red wine! The red wine is too weak though and those flowers are not just decoration but is actually edible, shipped straight from Bali, says the chef..lol!

If the last dessert is yummy then this is ultra super yummy!! To me at least, cause I think it depends on preference. Since I just love caramels, I love this but for the sorbet, I prefer the one before for this is way too sour for my liking!

The tart is topped with salt because the chocolate is a bit too sweet, so he tried to even it out with the salt. Don't expect the salt to just be barely there cause it literally is salty but it's unexpectedly good!

If you ask me how the new menus are, we'd definitely say it's delicious but because we had to try all of them in 1 go, we felt that it's too overwhelming cause each dish has it's own strong and dominant flavor. I do think it'll taste better if you eat per dish or give it some time before eating another! Didn't really expect anything but this definitely exceeds any expectation!

SKYE Bistro & Lounge
BCA Tower lt. 56
Jl. M.H. Thamrin no. 1
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hours :
Sunday - Thursday : 11:30 am - 01:00 am
Friday - Saturday : 11:30 am - 02:00 am

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