19 April 2016

YesBoss - Everyone Can Have Their Own Personal Assistant

Before we start on our usual review, today we want to tell you all about this cool new service called YesBoss! Basically it's a message based personal assistant. What's interesting is that it's not a program doing the work but an actual human behind your YesBoss! You can literally ask YesBoss to do anything you're too lazy or 'busy' to do, 1 condition though, it has to be legal! Need someone to buy you food? YesBoss will do it, since they also collaborate with an 'ojek online'! Need a meeting reminder, a wake up call, or just to talk to? YesBoss will definitely do that too for you! It's almost like a lifesaver or time-saver actually. Interested? Want 1 for yourself? Well, you can just type in our codes; BOSSCINDY or BOSSJUNE and text it to 085574670033 and it should look something like this!

Fill in all the required data and you also get to choose either a man or woman to be your assistant! Get to the point where you got your assistant's name then you're in, now you can use their service. Should look like this below! Psstt, you can also change your assistant's name and how your assistant call you, so you can even make them a pretend boyfriend or girlfriend if you're desperate..lol! How about being called 'honey' by 'Chris Hemsworth'? :p (btw, have you seen The Huntsman: Winter's War? It's super cool!)

 For all the times you text your assistant, you'll only be charged like how normally a text will be charged, so no extra cost! Don't worry though, cause soon they will be launching their own app, so you only need to have internet on your mobile, which means their service is literally free of charge! Of course, leave it to us to make use of such service for foods! Yeap, first time we tried using the service is for food related stuffs and it's to reserve a spot here at Simetri Coffee!

Simetri here is actually located very close to one of our homes but since it's always super crowded on weekends, we decided to ask for YesBoss to make a reservation for us! The concept of this place is a a very homey place to enjoy coffee, so it's not only located at a neighborhood but it's also designed to look like a home!

By the way, you can also find some Gordon Doughnuts here, usually there're 3 flavors variants! Be sure to check them out and hope to be lucky enough to have something of your preference!

The house blend here is called Luna and it's originated from Papua, Guatemala, and Brazil. I don't really remember how it's supposed to taste like but I do remember that there's a hint of dark chocolate in it! Get a cappuccino for a relaxing intake of caffeine!

Not that fond of coffee but still feel guilty for not getting any espresso based beverage in a coffee shop? How about getting this instead? It's a new and improved version of mocha! So not only is there coffee in it but it's also sweet enough for non-coffee lovers!

Not interested in getting any caffeine at all? Well, worry not cause they also have some non-caffeinated beverages, we totally recommend this cookies and cream! It's oreo, what could ever go wrong with that? Lol!

Be sure to check their menu to the last page to find the foods they have! There're various of stuffs there but we totally fell in love with this gyutan don! Don't be scared with those sliced chili cause it's actually not spicy! However if you're still intimidated by it, you can also ask for no chili at all!

I guess you could say that we would definitely use this service a lot, seeing as we're also a bit tight on time. Living a life of not being a full time blogger sometimes has its downside, since we not only have to do our main jobs but our spared time is also going to be spent on blog related stuffs, so having someone to help us and for free nonetheless is definitely helpful! Not only that but YesBoss is also available in all over Indonesia, so it's not just Jakarta! You're in Bali? No problem! You're in Surabaya? No problem! You're in Papua? Also no problem!
It's no wonder that after only months of debuting, they've already earned thousands of users! Which is why if you use our codes BOSSCINDY or BOSSJUNE, you won't need to go on their long waiting list! Yeap, they've even got a long waiting list just to get into their service!

Message based personal assistant
Operating Hours :
Everyday : 07:00 am- 11:00 pm

Simetri Coffee Roasters
Jln. Kembang Abadi 7 Blok A13 No.15
Puri Indah
Jakarta Barat

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 08:00 am - 07:00 pm


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