31 May 2016


In the mood for something fancy? You've come to the right spot! Though Cassis used to be a super fancy place, now they've changed their concept to a bit more casual, chill and affordable! This Pavilion Apartment Retail Arcade's restaurant has changed their appearance to be more relaxed with an outdoor lounge whereas they tried to keep their interior the same. Now, they'll be more appealing to those who just wanted to hang out and enjoy a nice glass of wine..lol!


Coming to a place like this with family is something that is very rare for me. Usually we'd prefer a family restaurant or somewhere close instead but because there're some new tenants at Ruci's Joint that weren't there when we last visit (yes, we came here twice), I decided to come here with my mom! On our first visit, we tried the shameless salad and on the second, tried almost everything except for the lasagna!

29 May 2016


Yeah! Finally, I could update on a new cafe! Been such a long time since we went to go hunting for a new restaurant or cafe. We used to do it often before, so we kinda miss those moments where you get super excited to try something new! You might think we're making too much of a deal of it but it's just how we are..lol! And today's catch is Nosh located at Citywalk! A little birdie told me that this belongs to Jeni Patty's husband!


Mister Sunday..such a catchy and unique name for a restaurant! Located at Cikajang, which is near Senopati and right next to Cut The Crab! It's also in line with Sophie Authentique. You might be confused with it's outer appearance, since the building isn't fully finished but Mister Sunday here is located on the 2nd floor, whereas the 1st floor is still under construction. What seems to be the problem here tho is as always, their parking space!


Pantai Indah Kapuk will never run out of new restaurants, huh? Here's another one called Buns & Meat and when we were on our way here, we found even more new restaurants! It's almost to the point of unreasonable..lol!

27 May 2016


Since we've entered the working world, it's been a very busy day and we have less time to spend with our friends, so when we were offered an opportunity by Swiss-Belinn to have this short staycation, we were thrilled! How blessed are we!

26 May 2016


Sometimes I do get bored with international cuisines and have this strong craving for Indonesians. When we talk about Indonesian, especially traditional foods, we usually would immediately refer to market or street foods. Who would've thought that we can create something way off with our traditional food that we think doesn't get enough credit! Locarasa here is one of the place that will prove people wrong, that our nation food can actually become something innovative and delicious!

24 May 2016


Confession! I came here last year and kinda forgot about this until I saw other foodies' posts about this place in Instagram! So even though it's late, we still want to share this to you guys! :D The place is called Ichibiru, though you might find the name a bit unfamiliar but it's actually located at Pantai Indah Kapuk and it's even at the popular area, near PIK's Fresh Market!

23 May 2016


Didn't realize this is a coffee shop until my university friend told me that her Chinese course teacher asked to promote this. A teacher opening a coffee shop, cool! So this place's owner is a Taiwanese and my friend said that the teacher can't speak English nor Indonesian that well. My friend introduced me as a 'helper' to promote this coffee shop and when I came, I was nervous cause my friend can't accompany me to interpret what the teacher will say but what surprises me is that the teacher's English and Indonesian wasn't bad at all!

21 May 2016


Yo! It's only the second time we reviewed a restaurant at FX..lol! Sure we often said that Gading area is far and out of reach but FX is actually pretty close, yet much less likely to be visited. Just don't know what to do here actually but finally we found a reason to visit! It's because of MonViet that has recently opened!