23 May 2016


Didn't realize this is a coffee shop until my university friend told me that her Chinese course teacher asked to promote this. A teacher opening a coffee shop, cool! So this place's owner is a Taiwanese and my friend said that the teacher can't speak English nor Indonesian that well. My friend introduced me as a 'helper' to promote this coffee shop and when I came, I was nervous cause my friend can't accompany me to interpret what the teacher will say but what surprises me is that the teacher's English and Indonesian wasn't bad at all!

Located inside Aston Hotel at Kuningan Suite and as always, I had to use GPS to find it..lol! It's right on the lobby and at first, I was confused as to why is the interior so fancy for a coffee shop, which turns out it was because this is a coffee lounge!

This is a typical spot for ladies to dress up prettily and doing photoshoots and stuff. Well, it's no surprise to see that the owner is also the kind of fashionable and fabulous type of girl. Wanna see her?

Ta-da! Can't see her? She's behind that mini bamboo tree..lol! Yea, not the best shot of her but it's all I have. She wore her sunglasses as a hairband!

Anyways, because this is a coffee lounge they also have main courses, pastries and desserts! Might be a bit pricey but it's the typical coffee shop type of pricey!

Yeap, don't be confused as to why there's udon here, since like what I've said, it's a coffee lounge. They even have dumplings and burgers. The portion is pretty big but you probably need to add more seasoning like chili or fried shallots and others because it's a bit too plain for me!

Super fresh!! They're pretty generous with the fruits and the juice is also thick, so I'd suggest asking for more ice cubes. This taste similar to Nanny's Pavilion's if you've tried it before. Made with mango juice as base and have lots of fruits mixed into it!

I have found my favorite type of coffee! When it comes to anything that has to do with coffee then I could confidently say that Vietnamese coffee is the best..lol! It's not because I've tried it once here but I've tried Vietnamese coffee in some other places and also at a Vietnamese restaurant and I love it. The key point is in the condensed milk! :p

Interesting way of serving it was the first thing that came to my mind! They used shredded chocolate bar that will melt from the hot milk. Truth be told, I don't really like the chocolate's taste, there's just something different about it!

Be sure to immediately pour the milk or else the chocolate won't melt!

Be your very own barista! It's a fun way to enjoy your coffee as you can mix your coffee yourself! They'll provide you with ice, black coffee, milk and sugar. It all depends to your taste and how 'good' you are at mixing them, so go and find your own favorite taste..lol!

Are you sick of beverages already? :p

Though the plating is very common and expected, the taste is surprisingly good! Their waffle's texture is like a sponge cake, so it's not the crispy type but fluffy!

Usually, seeing thick waffle kinda puts me of thinking that it'd be hard to chewy and everything but since it turns to be super fluffy instead, I totally fell in love with it!

Unlike the banana chocolate, I totally love the plating of this one! Simple yet pretty and different! Sprinkled with castor sugar, raisins, and walnuts with whipped cream on the side and maple syrup ready to be drizzled!

What irks me is that I thought eating waffle with maple syrup would taste amazing but it turns out that there's this bad smell. It's weird cause when I tried the waffle without maple, it's good and when I tasted the maple syrup, there's also nothing wrong but when the 2 comes together, that's when the smell came. I even asked the owner, Rebecca, and she was also confused. Hmm..it's still a mystery 'till now, can anyone explain this?

Coffee Lounge
Aston Hotel at Kuningan Suites
Jl.Setiabudi utara
Next to Four Seasons Hotel
Jakarta Selatan 12910

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 08:00 am - 09:00 pm


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