24 May 2016


Confession! I came here last year and kinda forgot about this until I saw other foodies' posts about this place in Instagram! So even though it's late, we still want to share this to you guys! :D The place is called Ichibiru, though you might find the name a bit unfamiliar but it's actually located at Pantai Indah Kapuk and it's even at the popular area, near PIK's Fresh Market!

If I remember correctly, Ichibiru already has 2 branches in Jakarta and just from the name, it's obvious that they're a Japanese restaurant. There're 2 floors here, 1 for normal dining and the upper floor is for teppan and dining!

You'll find the VIP room on the 2nd floor and 4 of these huge teppan tables!

Like any typical teppan chef, while cooking they'll perform some tricks to keep us entertained..lol!

The lunch and dinner menu for the teppanyaki here have different prices and of course the lunch one is cheaper. You can either choose the set or a la carte. We chose the a la carte Chicken, which costs IDR 129K and includes a House Salad (the photo below), Miso Soup, Beef Enokimaki, and Garlic Fried Rice. Personally think that this is super affordable because it's enough for 2 people!

The tricks are some usual ones that you'll find at other teppan restaurants but maybe here, the chef is new to it, so there's a bit of misconducts. Like when he tried to throw the egg, it fell and when he made the fried rice, while performing tricks with the bowl, he almost slipped, thankfully it didn't fell! Guess that more practice is needed!

You have to be there to understand when I say that this simple fried rice smells and tastes super good!

Even this chicken is good! Very well-seasoned and what I love is that it's salty! XD

If I had to score the taste of this teppanyaki from 1 to 10, I'd give a 10 but overall because of the imperfect performance, I'd give an 8. :p

For the normal dining menu, we got the Trio Donburi IDR 62K. The price is because this is actually just a mini donburi consists of Gyudon, Tori Soboro Don, and Salmon Tare. Perfect if you want to try them all!

Can you find something off about this Tori Soboro Don? To me, it's too dry, even the egg yolk looks dry!

Other than the Tori Soboro Don, it's all fine! Can't find any flaws in the Gyudon and Salmon Tare!

Actually this one is delicious but for me, who likes strong flavors, it lacks flavor, since I think spicy mayo is supposed to be strong, especially the tangy flavor!

I'd definitely come back for the teppanyaki, though I don't think I'd purposely come back only for the other menus. Not that it's bad, just not that special.

Here's the 1st floor. When I came here, there's a lot of customers that are here to drink sake. Don't be surprise though because this place is not only for dining but also a sake bar!

Upon entering, you'll find racks full of different kinds of sake, so if you're looking for a place to get drunk, well this might be a choice..lol!

Ichibiru Teppanyaki & Sake Bar
Rukan Gold Coast A1-2

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 0:00 am

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