21 May 2016


Yo! It's only the second time we reviewed a restaurant at FX..lol! Sure we often said that Gading area is far and out of reach but FX is actually pretty close, yet much less likely to be visited. Just don't know what to do here actually but finally we found a reason to visit! It's because of MonViet that has recently opened!

For those who have no idea what MonViet is..don't worry, you're not alone as it's also our first time trying it! So they serve Vietnamese cuisine, which means Pho and Banh Mi and stuff. Actually, this is not their first outlet in Jakarta, their first is at Lippo Mall Kemang, so maybe you're already familiar with them(?) and because of their success, now they've opened another branch at FX Sudirman. It's way easier to find if you're from the lobby, so you only need to go down the stairs once and you're there! Look for the sign, it's pretty easy!

Upon descending down the stairs, I'm already in awe of how gorgeous the decorations are! Better be prepared for a photoshoot! :p

Interior's super crowded with paintings! You won't find an empty wall at all..lol!

Can't really explain why but it feels very homey here, especially when the food they offer isn't those fancy kinds but some great comfort foods!

See that kind-looking granny there? She's actually the mastermind behind the recipes and the mother of the founder, plus an actual Vietnamese, so when she introduced herself, all I hear is alien language..somebody teach me Vietnamese!

As a typical Vietnamese appetizers, spring rolls! Here, they offer 2 types; chicken and vegetarian, which is with shrimp. Personally, I like the vegetarian one better (shocking, I know!) and remember to dip it into the superb sauce, which is actually the highlight of this dish!

Next is chicken wings! It's not the fried kind but more of the covered in lots of sauce ones. Yet another one that tastes amazing because of the sauce. Taste sweet and salty, just like how I picture it would be like!

Was never a big fan but this is the first time that I could eat a large portion of banh mi! To me, it doesn't look appetizing cause it looks like it's full of veggies rather than meat and the bun looks rock hard but that's not true at all! The meat is super generous that you'll be able to get the meat in every inch of this! By the way, just because the meat is red, doesn't mean it's pork, this is chicken. Monviet is a halal restaurant!

The buns aren't rock hard but crispy and yet again the sauce is fantastic! I'd gladly finish this all up!

This is the tuna one. Though I prefer the one before, this one isn't half bad as well!

This one is also chicken. Be careful in handling this, since the claypot is super hot! While we're too bust taking shots of this, we forgot that claypot needs to be mixed up immediately to prevent the rice from crusting but in the end, those crust are what makes this good! Gives a satisfactory crispy sensation!

Same type just different seasoning on the chicken. For the banh mi, I prefer the red chicken but for the claypot, I definitely prefer this one! This one has that yummy garlicky flavor that I love!

Here's some of their Pho selections! This here is the spicy one, not something I can't handle tho!

You can clearly see how generous they are with the meat!

This one is their signature called Bun Bo Hue. The soup is of course, way lighter than the spicy one and the beef is a medium well, so it's still very tender and juicy accompanied with meatballs!

If you ask me whether or not I'll come back then the answer is a definite YES!! There's absolutely nothing disappointing! Totally think that this could be a number 1 Vietnam restaurant in Jakarta! Yeap, totally the best!

FX Sudirman
Jl. Jendral Sudirman, Pintu Satu Senayan
Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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