29 May 2016


Yeah! Finally, I could update on a new cafe! Been such a long time since we went to go hunting for a new restaurant or cafe. We used to do it often before, so we kinda miss those moments where you get super excited to try something new! You might think we're making too much of a deal of it but it's just how we are..lol! And today's catch is Nosh located at Citywalk! A little birdie told me that this belongs to Jeni Patty's husband!

For the exact location, it's right next to J.Co. A bit surprised cause when I searched it on Instagram, I saw a lot of pictures taken with natural lights but it was indoors. Turns out there's an outdoor, it's the smoking are tho!

A perfect hang out spot for all age range, from teenagers to adults, from socialite to business!

And I automatically went for the smoking room just because the lighting is better..lol!

First of all, there's something that we need to get off our chests. Though we sometimes get that special treatment as a food blogger and it's not that we're ungrateful for it but it's frustrating how they would display their best presentation when it's a food tasting event and at times, even better tasting ones, yet would offer a different one when it's not for a 'special' event. You must have had that 'why is the one in the photo better than the actual ones' moment, right?

Well, this time, we felt it ourselves! What I saw on Instagram is a super tempting version of this, with marshmallows, Pocky, and melting chocolates, yet this one..is way off from what they 'promote'. We do think that it's important to always keep their quality as what they show on 'displays', so it won't seem fake and it does not only apply to Nosh but to all restaurants. This is just what we think but thank goodness the taste of this is good. Very 'Nutella' and Nutella can never go wrong!

Good thing that this one still looks similar to their photo, so I'm not that disappointed. Just saying that there are people who pick a dish because of what they saw from the photo. Don't let them be a victim of fake publicity!

Both of their milkshakes here are amazing! Love how the salted caramel has a perfectly balanced sweetness and saltiness!

A must-have if you come here! And from what I saw, almost everyone would order this. Consisting of fries and eggs, both ingredients that almost nobody dislikes! These are not ordinary fries by the way, it's coated with something and somehow tasted like mushroom sauce. Plus that egg yolk adds that special creamy deliciousness!

You can either choose tuna or chicken but the staff recommended the tuna, so we went with it. I guess this is something like what you'd find at Starbucks? Lol! But it does taste superb!

Can't forget those beautiful texture of the croissant! Crunchy and fluffy at the same time and the tuna is also super good and not smelly at all. From this simple dish, you can definitely judge their quality!

Yes, they offer all day breakfast here! Truth be told, this is good just too ordinary. There's nothing really special about it and wasn't expecting for anything special as well. The mushroom has a unique taste tho, I'm guessing they did something with wine! Other than that, don't expect too much from this!

Out of all, my favorite is definitely the Poutine and milkshakes!!

See this? It's the outdoors! Much more photogenic, don't you think so?

Hope our little rant doesn't offend anyone but it's what we truthfully think! Sometimes being a food blogger has it's perks but people tend to forget that we're also the mediator between a restaurant and public, so we try our best to keep everything real. If the public can no longer believe in food bloggers, then what does our existence mean?

Citywalk Sudirman
1st floor
Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur Kav. 121
Tanah Abang

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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