31 May 2016


Coming to a place like this with family is something that is very rare for me. Usually we'd prefer a family restaurant or somewhere close instead but because there're some new tenants at Ruci's Joint that weren't there when we last visit (yes, we came here twice), I decided to come here with my mom! On our first visit, we tried the shameless salad and on the second, tried almost everything except for the lasagna!

Been a long time since we last came to Senopati, so it's nice to come back here. To get to Ruci's, from Tredici just go straight and if Tredici is on your right then this will be on your left. Ruci's here is not the usual restaurant but more of a food court, hence the name Ruci's 'Joint', so you'll find a lot of various tenants here!

The drink corner is actually located on a corner..lol!

The interior is designed very superbly that every corner you shot is totally Instagram-able! Even the most random photos like this one below!

From Shameless Salad stand, we got this and though I forgot what this is called, it's totally recommended! Can you believe I just recommended a salad? Lol! Well, mostly because of the chicken and amazing peanut sauce!

This is duck meat, right? I'm a bit confused here but I think it's duck..lol! 

If I'm not mistaken, duck meat isn't as white as chicken. I know that not many likes duck meat because sometimes there's this unappetizing smell but you can rest assured with this cause there's no such smell here! Maybe it's because the sambal hijau is very strong, though it's not that spicy but strong in flavor!

Oh, look! My favorite flower! :p Yes, I have an obsession for cotton flowers!

This is from Osu Skewers and Bar and it's the only Japanese stand here. Other than skewers, they also have donburi like the one we got here. They also have a branch at Gandaria road but we haven't tried it yet!

They're totally generous with the yakiniku, so it's definitely worth the price but I personally think that the sauce is a bit bland. Since I like strong flavors, I guess this needs more chili powder..lol! I thought garlic are supposed to be strong!

There's also a dimsum stand, which is a new tenant and don't underestimate it just because it's strange to open a dimsum stand here cause it tastes incredible!

They might not have much on their menu but it's all about quality over quantity!

Don't know why I'm so interested in their Cheong Fan when I rarely get this dish when eating dimsum but I totally didn't regret it!! In reality, the size of this is pretty big but I don't know why it looks small in the photo. :( Inside this cheong fan is a prawn lumpia, so the outer is soft but inside is crunchy! The sauce also gives a lot of plus point and dipping this to its chili oil makes it perfect!

This Siu Mai is not made of prawn nor pork nor fish..but it's chicken! It's good but doesn't really stand out, unlike the Cheong Fan!

So the tenants here are known to be ever-changing but that doesn't mean there's no tenant that stays, like this survivor here called Nebula! It's a branch from Bali and of course that means they sell Balinese cuisine but they also have smoothie bowl. Nebula here is the only tenant with a wide variety of choices, like coffee, breakfast menu, salad, etc!

Just gonna show you Nebula's owner cause he's friendly enough to greet me when I was taking photos. So humble! :)

I know, I'm also shocked with the price, especially because they only use plastic bowls and it's definitely not because of the portion. Well, at least it taste good!

This is unlike me but the chili is really good! It's strong both in flavor and spiciness, just like how Balinese foods are! Not only the chili but everything in this plastic bowl is superb! The only downside is the portion..make it bigger, please? :p

Both healthy and tasty! Yeap, no complaints here!

Can you imagine that all these are for 2 people only..lol! Good thing it all taste good, so I don't regret it at all!

Both times I came here, the 2nd floor is always used, so I didn't get the chance to check it out! :(

Ruci's Joint
Jalan Suryo no. 49
Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours :
Sunday - Thursday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Friday - Saturday : 10:00 am - 00:00 am


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