27 May 2016


Since we've entered the working world, it's been a very busy day and we have less time to spend with our friends, so when we were offered an opportunity by Swiss-Belinn to have this short staycation, we were thrilled! How blessed are we!

When we say Swiss-Bel, people will usually refer it to the one at Mangga Besar but where we stayed at is actually at Simatupang. First time hearing the area? Yeah, me too..lol! It's actually somewhere far South and it's near Pondok Indah area!

It wasn't anything luxurious but it's definitely a great breather! Got to stay a night in their deluxe room and enjoy their facilities like the swimming pool and gym. Though it's not a huge room, we find it very neat and comfy and the most important part is the fluffy bed! Guaranteed to relief your stress!

What's funny is the bathroom door! It's not only the door the bathroom but also the shower's door, so if you're in a hurry to get to the toilet while someone's showering, you won't disturb them! How very practical, huh? :D

Unlike some hotels, Swiss-Belinn Simatupang here only has 1 proper restaurant called BaReLo, which focuses on Indonesian cuisine. (It's been all about Indonesians this month, huh?) You can clearly see that it's a very simple and friendly type of place and they also said that they get more local guests than foreigners!

We got a chance to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner here. They have a buffet for the breakfast and a la carte for lunch and dinner. In the morning, you'll be able to see that they're business is actually good, since it's pretty crowded at breakfast time!

Do ignore my ugly nails..didn't have time to re-polish it! :p

Like any other hotels, they're breakfast are pretty typical and common. The usual American breakfast, toast, eggs, salads, cereal, and pastries!

Here's the man behind BaReLo's dishes, chef Yudha Prayogi! He used to specialize on Western cuisine but quickly mastered Indonesians after coming to Swiss-BelInn!

Try their signature beverage, Light Green Day IDR 40K, which is a very refreshing choice or Chocolate Smoothies IDR 32K, because everybody loves chocolates!

Nothing says a good ol' snack better than fries, especially with cheese on top!

After their signature beverage, here's their signature dish! Yeap, told ya it's all about Indonesian and what's more Indonesian than fried rice..lol! You might think it's nothing special but this is actually super good! I especially love the chili and just look at that perfect sunny side up!

Another one of their signature is also a fried rice, though I prefer the Barelo one. Not that it's bad, just not as good as the Barelo. Cute presentation though and I love how traditional those eggs are..lol!

Yes, we had 3 sets of rice for lunch, just the 2 of us..call us Indonesians! I think lamb meat is a very delicate topic, since not many likes it. Personally though, we think that as long as you cook it right, so that there won't be that typical foul smell, people will be able to accept it and here the lamb has little to none of that smell!

We decided to have an all Indonesian lunch and so of course, the dessert has to be banana fritters! Be warned that it has to be eaten while it's warm!

Would like some coffee or tea in the afternoon? We had this interesting iced coffees called C&C Coffee IDR 28K and Chopper Coffee IDR 23K!

Starting to eat healthy, we decided to get some salads on our dinner. This is actually pretty good, I love the dressing and most of the veggies in this. Other than the onion and bell pepper, I'm all good! 

Was planning to get the tenderloin but it was out of stock, so we went with this instead. Had them cooked to a medium and i think they did a pretty good job! Didn't expect it to be that thin but it's still good, though there's nothing really special about it and it's meat, so it's bound to be good if cooked properly!

Wanted to try their grilled salmon but again, it was out of stock, so not knowing what to get, we went for a burger instead because on their pasta selection, there're only carbonara and bolognaise. We wanted to have an all Western dinner, since we already went with the Indonesian at lunch. The burger was a bit too dry though and the patty's not solid enough, yet taste-wise it's good!

Did you realize that the price here is all very affordable? Unlike other hotels, the foods here are like some normal restaurants, so I guess this is probably the best choice for a budget lodging!

Swiss-Belinn Simatupang
Jl. R. A Kartini 32
Lebak Bulus
Jakarta 12440

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