30 June 2016


Another new kid on the block at Senopati and it's called Asiatale! Located before Crematology, on the left side of the road. Just from the name, it's obvious that what cuisine it is, they're outer appearance also says it all with that red signage and Chinese font!


It's almost holiday time, people!! The best way for us to celebrate is definitely with our favorite food, PORK! Yes, it's obvious that this is a non-halal restaurant called Warung Ce! This is actually a pretty old restaurant at Citra but they've just opened a new branch at Gading Serpong and that's where we're heading!


Can't help but be a little bit too excited when we went to an authentic Japanese restaurant! Maybe it's because we never been to Japan? :') So it's a bit of sad but eating at an authentic restaurant is like giving us a hint of what it's like there..lol! Goemon here is one of an old authentic Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, located at Wisma Keiai, which used to be known as Kyoei Prince. Goemon has been here even before the name became Wisma Keiai..lol!

29 June 2016


Welcome back to Kelapa Gading! Haha. This time we went to a cute place called Arai. If I remember correctly the owner is called Agata and also the person behind all these delicacies! I knew about this place from a friend and after stalking it on Instagram, found that it looks super nice and clean, so it got me hooked!

28 June 2016


Yes, the coffee shop fever is still going strong! Here's another one in Wolter Monginsidi called Doppio. Name taken from the word Doppio, which is a double shot, extracted using a double coffee filter in the portafilter. Yeah, I got it from wiki..I'm not that knowledgeable about coffee, kay? :p


It's not everyday that we posted about Mexican foods, since there aren't many in Jakarta, so finding this is pretty exciting! Located at Rukan Permata Senayan, which can be said as isolated, though it's actually filled with restaurants and cafes! It definitely needs more exposure people! This place is called Casa Mexico and I didn't know about this area at first as well but it's all thanks to other bloggers that came here before me. Didn't even know the way to get here, it's all by GPS!


Greetings from Lulabyspoon to people of Bintaro!! :D Here's our 2nd post of Bintaro area. This time we went to a coffee shop called Kopi Manyar, which is definitely well-known to people in the area. After figuring that from Puri to Bintaro is pretty close by and only takes minutes using the Jor toll road, I totally prefer coming here rather than to Senopati or Grand Indonesia!

26 June 2016


Okay, so if you live in Kelapa Gading, you would be familiar with this coffee shop called Kopium but today we won't be talking about the one in Gading but in Sunter instead! Yeap, they've already opened up a 2nd branch, though Gading and Sunter isn't really that far from each other. We didn't intend to come here specifically, we just passed the place and think that it looks interesting from the outside..totally on impulse!

22 June 2016


Been feeling that there's been more and more Nasi Babi Guling opening in Jakarta, since before I'd have a hard time trying to find this Balinese goodness! Wonder will it be as hip as coffee shops, I hope it will..lol! I think Babi Guling became popular because people who went to Bali will always post these stuff and made it viral on social medias, so anything that is made viral will always come to Jakarta!


It's June!! A special month for Ms. Author here..lol! Been a month filled with celebrations, since a lot of our friends' birthday is in this month. Not only that but work has been busy lately, which explains the super late post..oops. Well, for our first post in this month, we chose something traditional that we both love, pempek! Went to a pretty popular place among families, Pempek Belida Mas. How could we say it's popular among families? Cause even our moms know, which is rare! Located at Kemayoran and if you have trouble finding it, try looking for Kimia Farma, it's right across the place!