28 June 2016


It's not everyday that we posted about Mexican foods, since there aren't many in Jakarta, so finding this is pretty exciting! Located at Rukan Permata Senayan, which can be said as isolated, though it's actually filled with restaurants and cafes! It definitely needs more exposure people! This place is called Casa Mexico and I didn't know about this area at first as well but it's all thanks to other bloggers that came here before me. Didn't even know the way to get here, it's all by GPS!

Most restaurants in this area aren't that spacey, so don't expect much!

Love their decor, really gives off a Mexican atmosphere. Each elements just shouts Mexico, from the colors to the national flag!

And....I'm the only customer here. Can't really decide whether it's good or bad for me..lol!

Complimentary nachos will be given and with a yummy sauce on the side to get you ready for the Mexican parade!

We went for this Beef Quesadilla but it's a bit tasteless. Can't really taste the beef but the cheese is the opposite, though it gets pretty messy!

One of the dishes that I don't regret choosing is this Chicken Fajitas! Super yummy and I personally think this suits our taste because of its strong flavor, unlike other dishes that I ordered, cause most of them are tasteless! :(

That brown colored thingy with cheese on top, yeah, I thought it was meat at first as well..lol! Turns out, it's mashed red beans and it's actually good. Let's not forget about the fragrant rice as well!

Of course, since it's a fajitas, it comes with tortillas. You can mix and match on your own to create your perfect fajitas. Don't worry about not knowing how to eat it cause neither do I..lol! I just eat it the way I want to. The tortillas is unlike what you'd expect, it's chewy and already seasoned. So without having to add anything, it already has flavor. A must try!

When it comes to Mexican, tacos is a must haves..lol! This should've been a 3pcs Tacos but it suddenly turned into 4pcs. Well, more for me then! You can choose either beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, and because we're curious of it all, we decided to get a mix of everything!

You can also choose the flour, there's the usual flour or corn flour. Because the fajitas used the usual flour, we decided to try the corn flour, which is much more fragrant. Nevertheless, I prefer the usual flour, since the downside of the corn flour is that it's not chewy!

And again the taste is really bland! When I dip it into the chili sauce, all I can taste is the spiciness, there's no sweet nor sour nor salty! :(

As always, out of the 4, my favorite is the pork one. They use somewhat like char siu. Yes, I'm weak when it comes to pork!

Well, actually the restaurant manager confessed that the chef is still in learning process and needs some feedback, so the taste is still inconsistent but I really appreciate chefs that wants to keep learning and improving, especially one that listens to their customers! Total salute!

Casa Mexico
Rukan Permata Senayan blok G no. 11
Jl. Tentara Pelajar
Kby. Lama, Jakarta Selatan 12210

Opening Hours :
Monday - Saturday : 11:00 am - 00:00 am
Sunday : 12:00 pm - 08:00 pm



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