28 June 2016


Greetings from Lulabyspoon to people of Bintaro!! :D Here's our 2nd post of Bintaro area. This time we went to a coffee shop called Kopi Manyar, which is definitely well-known to people in the area. After figuring that from Puri to Bintaro is pretty close by and only takes minutes using the Jor toll road, I totally prefer coming here rather than to Senopati or Grand Indonesia!

Located in a residential with a pretty small signage totally makes it hard to find, especially for me, who rarely visits Bintaro. You won't realize that it's a coffee shop but thank goodness the GPS is accurate enough. Fyi, in this Ramadan month, they only open from 2 pm!

Came here right at 2 pm, making me the first customer..lol! Just a few minutes later though, the place became a full house! Unbelievable!!

Interior is superb, an outdoor, indoor, and semi outdoor, they've got it all! Not only amazing interior but also very comfy and the most important thing for a coffee shop, fast wifi..lol! No wonder the place is that popular!

They have 3 choices of lattes here, the usual cafe latte, caramel, and vanilla. Since I'm in the mood for something sweet but not too sweet, I went for this vanilla latte and an iced one, so it's very refreshing!

Yes, I got an iced tea in a coffee shop, make fun of me all you want! :p

This is super good and super healthy, so it's perfect..lol! Usually people have this for breakfast but I got it for lunch, yes, I like to break the rules like that..sue me!

The white cream thingy there has a texture similar to bubur sumsum, though I don't think that's it. Well, as long as it's good, I don't really have anything to complain about!

It comes with palm sugar and might I suggest to not use up all of it or else you'll get a bowl of diabetes..lol!

At first, I thought it reads ape-manyar but turns out it's apem-manyar haha! Whoopsie~ It's actually pancake with vanilla ice cream and yet another palm sugar. How traditional! Be mindful that the ice cream melts pretty fast and I can guarantee that it's not diamond, since the texture and taste is different but it's good, I personally liked it! Pancake's also chewy, yum!

If only this is located closer, I'd be a regular customer for sure! Love how the atmosphere isn't like Jakarta, it's way more calm and peaceful!

Kopi Manyar
Jalan Bintaro Tengah Blok Q2 No. 14
Bintaro, Jakarta Selatan 12330

Opening Hours :
Tuesday - Sunday : 08:00 am - 10:00 pm
Closed on Monday
Opened from 02:00 pm while Ramadan

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